Candy Crush Saga; Soul Crushing Saga

It’s not just Candy Crush; all match 3 games are soul crushing. Let me first go on the record and state that I play a lot of match 3 games but that doesn’t make it any less soul crushing. Part of me likes these games but a greater part of me hates myself for liking it. I’ve probably spent hundreds of hours on this game already and yet I see a lot of my facebook friends played the game a lot more than me. That’s a lot of wasted time. It’s not exactly a satisfying game to play but it’s just the perfect level of mindlessness that you can you play while exerting a minimal amount of brain juices. I usually feel miserable when I play these games because it means I’m being lazy and unmotivated. I feel like a loser every time I play it but that’s fine because I’ve already openly admitted to giving up on life.


I see so many people playing candy crush a lot. It’s a very sad sight. Do all these people constantly feel so unmotivated and lazy? Or maybe they actually actively enjoy the game which might be even sadder. I was going to include a pre-emptive apology here but I won’t be doing that because I’m not really sorry. The only thing I would be sorry for is that life sucks and people who’re (whore, lol) offended by this must have a lot of crap in their lives that they haven’t accepted yet.


An Inspiring Nugget

I am chatting with a friend and he brought up this nugget from our chat history. I thought this was too good not to share. I’m too funny.

Oh btw, my brother just added me on fb yesterday and sent me an offline msg saying that my fb statuses are inspiring.

wtf was he reading.

My fb statuses speak ill of my parents and discusses becoming retarded. I wouldn’t exactly call that inspiring lol

omg, I am so inspired right now, I think I can fly. Let me go try, brb.

omg, I am so inspired right now, I think I can fly. Let me go try, brb.

Things Are Going Well

Things are kind of going well now but I’m still not happy. What a miserable fucker I am… WordPress seems to be getting me a quite a number of followers which is good. Now I feel pressure to generate more content and fix the formatting in previous posts. I had ideas for an entry but I won’t get to it tonight… unless I can’t sleep again… which will probably happen. This is just a sub-entry of no real substance. I’m going to include a few jokes I wrote today which I normally wouldn’t have included in my blogs so that’s a nice little gift:

If I had to make up a word for the opposite of wisdom, it would be dumdom.

I gave five dollars to a beggar, years ago, and I regret it everyday.

“I think a sign of narcissism is when a person quotes himself more than he quotes other people.” – Ted

Those are things I posted on facebook. I pretty much arbitrarily decide that certain things are blog material or just a simple short joke. If you can’t get enough of me, then you can add me on facebook and you’ll see jokes like these that you might not see in the blog.