Making a Pokemon Defense Game

I started making a Pokemon game. Here are a few screenshots.



Blindfold Gaming Challenge

This is the video I wrote about yesterday:

Last night, the video was pretty funny in my mind but after rewatching it again today, it’s not as funny as I thought. Maybe I watched it too much or maybe it’s just not that funny. Anyway, hopefully you can find some humor in there and the next few videos will be better. This one was a little under prepared and we just tried to salvage it and put together what we can.

Exploring The Last Of Us

Playing on the ps4, I’m dicking around a lot more and trying to explore every corner of the game. It’s now become more of a photography game than a whatever genre game it’s supposed to be. I’m gonna be uploading a lot of pics on twitter with comments. If you want, you can follow me @tedgaming_ted through my random adventures. If anyone wants to watch, I’ll live stream it too. I kind of want a 1 person commitment before I start doing that because I’m too bandwidth conscious and I would be constantly debating whether I should live stream to no one or download more porn with that bandwidth.

Promised Procrastination Paradox

I promised that I was going to procrastinate from programming with blogging and voila. There really isn’t any paradox with it. I only included it in the title because I’m going to write a bit about a game called The Guided Fate Paradox. Also, it starts with P and I apparently want to alliterate my title. I’m actually not really procrastinating right now. I did try to procrastinate by asking people like Justin to podcast with me but those didn’t happen and I ended finishing all my work instead. That doesn’t mean I was hard working though. I only assigned myself very little work for today and it turned out to be even less than I expected. I finished it in a couple minutes. That’s all the work I’ve done not only for today, but for the past week. I’ve been a major slack off lately. This is still procrastinating though because I create games and I literally have an endless amount of work I can be doing but fuck that, I’m done for today.

Just like the title of this blog entry, the word “paradox” doesn’t fit into the game title at all. If I look online, I’m sure I can find people who can explain what the title means but instead of doing that, I’m just going to bitch about it. The Guided Fate Paradox is simply a bad name all around. That title would only attract people looking for a deep intelligent game with philosophical ideas but when they look at the game and see anime characters and 2D sprites, they would probably be turned off. Or maybe not. I don’t know what people think and I’m just talking shit here but that’s what I think.

The game is a Nippon Ichi Software game and I love all their games. NIS America is the American branch that localizes the games. Disgaea is their most famous series and I just picked up Disgaea D2 from the library today. If I had to describe their game in short, it’s 2D tactical RPGs with hilarious dialogues and a level cap of 9999 instead of the traditional 100 which satisfies my level-grinding needs. There are lots of ways to develop your characters and I really admire that aspect of their games.

Nippon Ichi’s style of games easily does not fit most people’s tastes but it fits my tastes perfectly. I don’t enjoy the 2D graphics, but I don’t mind them. One thing that confused me quite a bit is how few players they have. In this game, there’s a feature where you can check online stats for all the collective players. The game was released half a year ago and it only has less than 13,000 players. Now, that stat is only for players who go online which I don’t know how many ps3 players don’t go online but when you even it out with piracy and people borrowing and reselling games, that number is around the sales number they’ve got. They’re an accomplished game company and off the top of my head I can remember at least 8 of their games that I’ve enjoyed. 13,000 is such a sad number. I think that number is only for North America. I hope so. If it’s worldwide, then it’s really sad. I’m pretty sure the game is much more popular in Japan. I’m sure it’s still profitable for them, otherwise they would stop localizing these games, but I still can’t get over that number.

If I made a game and got those kinds of numbers, I wouldn’t be satisfied with it at all. My last game, Tek Tactical, is kind of a failure and it still got several hundred thousand plays. I know that I’m comparing a shitty free web game to a $60 ps3 game, but I still can’t get over the number of players. I’d like to get viral and popular so it seems I’m actually on the right path right now by making free games. I just gotta actually get my ass working on these games instead of procrastinating all the time.

Anyway, I guess that’s all I’ve got to say about that game for now. The other thing I promised to write about is how I accidentally cooked/burned my thigh. I’ve been boiling water and taking it upstairs to the bathtub. On one of my many trips through the halls of my house, I bumped the empty hot pot into the wall and it hit my thigh. It bounced off my thigh and barely touched it but it’s been two days now and I’ve got this red mark. It looks like one of those red marks as if I pressed my elbow on my thigh for several minutes and when I let go, it’s red. Or when you fall asleep in class and when you wake up, your face has those red marks.  It just looks like one of those, except it’s not one of those because this one doesn’t go away after a few minutes and it hurts a little. Funny thing about touching hot things is that you can see how slow the body reacts. If you try to stick your hand in hot water, you can feel an obvious delay before you feel the heat and the need to pull your hand away. On a similar note, sometimes I test how hot something is by just touching it and withdrawing right away. After I’m no longer touching the object, I slowly get a sense of how hot it was when I touched it. I thought about including a picture of my thigh but I got too lazy.

Umm… I don’t think I wrote anything funny in this entire entry. That’s quite a shame. I’ll quote two funny things I heard on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast lately:

When confronted with comparing UFC with human cock fighting, a good response is “Nope, all our fighters wear pants in the UFC.” – Campbell McLaren, co-founder of UFC

“Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.” – Kron Gracie

I Think I Will Write An Entry Today

I think I will be writing one or several blog entries today. I think that because I plan to force myself to work in the afternoon and I’ll probably end up wanting to procrastinate and blog which is more productive than doing nothing, but still hardly productive at all. There are several things I could write about: some sort, some long. I’ll probably end up writing about everything. Here’s a bit of a teaser: I will probably write about my experience with The Guided Fate Paradox, which is a game I’ve been playing. It’s kind of a game review, but hopefully it should be interesting for non gamers too, like how the first chapter, Cinderella calls her stepmother a bitch and gets punched by her. I can also write a short thing about how I cooked/burned a part of my leg. Nothing severe, but kinda interesting. There might be a few other things. I guess that’s it. This entry is kinda pointless but oh well.

Tek Tactical Guide

For non-gamers, this might be boring for you. This post is a guide for Tek Tactical, a game I just recently published. Maybe this guide might intrigue you to try the game out. The main place to play Tek Tactical is on newgrounds.

This is the link to the old videos that roughly goes over how to access each menu.



Player Stats Menu

More Stats Menu

Equipment Menu

Skill Menu

Weapon Attachment Menu (Customize)

Weapon Fusion Menu

Achievement Menu

Shop Menu (Buy)

Shop Menu (Sell)

Stock Market Menu

Bank Menu

Setting Menu




There are many menus in this game. I will go over each one of them. You don’t need to learn all the menus all at once. You can survive several stages without dabbling in the menus at all.

Player Stats Menu

You don’t really do anything in this menu. It’s just a place for you to view your stats. Let me go over the effects of the 4 main stats:

Strength – Increases your attack power and weight capacity. It also moderately increases max hp and critical damage.

Endurance – Increases max hp and defense by a lot. Also moderately increases weight capacity.

Agility – Increases your character’s movement speed and hp regeneration speed. Moderately increases item manget range.

Luck – Increases every stat by a bit and also increases item drop rate and the number of bullets you pick up. Increases item magnet range by a lot.

Whenever you level up, you gain one of every stat and 2 free stat points for you to distribute. All builds have their advantages but endurance is generally the best stat. It’s also good to note that the higher a stat, the higher the effect it grants. For example, gaining 1 strength from 900 strength to 901 strength gives you greater effects than 20 strength to 21 strength.

More Stats Menu

You access this menu from the button at the top of the player stats menu. There’s not much to explain here. It’s a menu for you to see all the game statistics so you have an idea of what the game keeps track of for you to earn achievements and more experience for your skills.

Equipment Menu

This is one of the most important menus in the game. The best way to get stronger is to equip the awesome loots you find from killing the enemies. Near the top of the menu, you choose what type of equipment you want to change, and then the window will show you what you can choose from.

w1, w2, w3, w4 are primary weapon slots. You only start off with w1 and w2 and you’ll unlock the other two as you progress the game.

t1 is your grenade slot. The t stands for throw.

t2 is your melee slot. You throw your melee weapons in this game.

r1, r2, r3, r4 are your ring slots. Rings give you great stats boosts so be sure to equip your rings. You unlock more skill slots as you earn more achievements. You can view the achievement menu to see the requirement and rewards for all the achievements.

head slot is for you to equip special heads that you can purchase in the shop with ad credits. Heads change the appearance of your character and also affects your stats.

body slot is for you to equip special bodies that you can purchase (blah blah blah, just like the heads).

Skill Menu

You can access the skill menu by clicking the “switch to skills” button at the top of the equipment menu. Skills grant you excellent passive effects and can be leveled up infinitely. The more you use your skills, the more skill experience you get and the more bonus money you’ll get. Some of the later skills grant incredible powers and completely change the way you play the game.

Weapon Attachment Menu

This is where to apply attachments to your weapons. You access this menu by click the “customize” button at the bottom of the screen. First you choose your weapon. Your w1 weapon is selected for you by default. Then on the right side, you select the attachment slot you want to apply. When you hover over each section, it’ll show you whether or not you have attachments to use. Then you click it and select the attachment to power up your weapons. This explanation felt unnecessary, lol.

Weapon Fusion Menu

If you have two or more of the same weapon, you can fuse them together to make even stronger weapons. You access the fusion menu by clicking the “wpn fusion” button at the top of the weapon attachment/customize menu. The closer the weapon’s stats, the better the match rate and the resulting weapon will be stronger. If you try to fuse two weapons that have wildly different stats, you might end up with a weaker weapon. The more weapons you fuse, the higher your fusion level will be. The higher your fusion level, the greater stat boosts your fused weapons will get. Keep on fusing and create the strongest weapon ever!

Achievement Menu

This menu lets you see the requirements and rewards for all 130 of the achievements. I also included some jokes and other quirky musings in the descriptions to keep things interesting.

Shop Menu (Buy)

This is where you can buy all sorts of things to help you in your survival against endless waves of enemies. One of the most important thing is ammunitions. Without that, your fights will become much more difficult. You can also buy “no ads” to remove interlevel ads. These cost ad credits. You can buy ad credits with money. You can buy money with ad credits, but the conversion rate is terrible so you probably never want to do that. You can buy herbs that boosts your stats. You can buy weapons, attachments, rings, and custom heads and body parts to equip. You can also buy more difficulty settings to personalize how the game plays.

The more money you spend, the more your shop level will rise. Higher shop levels will have shops with more items for you to buy. The shops will even have more herbs!

Shop Menu (Sell)

You access this by clicking the “buy ←→ sell” button at the top of the shop menu. You can sell everything you don’t need here. Checking the “sell max” checkbox allows you to sell ammo easier. Clicking “sell all” will sell everything you’re not equipping but it won’t sell any of your ammunition. The higher your shop level, the more money you get back when you sell stuff. It goes without saying that you can never get more than what the item’s worth.

Stock Market Menu

This is one of the best ways to earn more money in the game. You check out the values of each gem and decide which one you want to buy. You would want to buy low and sell high. Good luck with that. After a while, you’ll gain the ability to sometimes see what the future stock values will be and then it’ll almost feel like cheating.

Bank Menu

You can access the bank menu by clicking on the “switch to bank” button at the top of the stock market menu. The bank is where you’ll find more ways to earn money. If buying stocks is too random for you, you can buy bonds which give you good interest rates but it’ll lock down your money for a certain number of stages. The bonds that lock your money down for more stages will have higher interest rates. When you earn money from the bank, you’ll raise your bank level which is give you more bond options to choose from and increase the daily interest rate for your unused money.

Setting Menu

You can adjust the volume here, turn off gore mode if you don’t like seeing blood and flying body parts from explosion, turn off the “headshot” and “critical hit” texts, and access a few other menus. The ad settings menu lets you choose how frequently you see ads. The more ads you choose to see, the more ad credits it’ll reward you. You can change all the game’s buttons from the key config menu. The difficulty adjusting menu is the same as the one you see before you begin the next stage. Higher difficulty ratings will give you more money and more experience so you should try to play the game as hard as you can handle.


There aren’t many tips for this game. Every weapon can become super strong and you should use them all in  order to get all the achievements. Achievement rewards can make you pretty strong.

Toggle Trick

Sometimes, you might want to toggle a key. There’s a trick to doing that. First you hold down the key, then you click outside the flash game window to unfocus it. Let go of the key. Then click the flash game window again and the key will be “toggled”. Press the key again to untoggle it.

That’s pretty much it for now. Let me know if you want me to elaborate or anything else.

Why I Want To Do More Podcasts But Can’t

I want to be loved. I think that’s a normal emotion to have. I’m not a super needy person so I don’t bother anyone in my real life about this need for love. If anything, I would’ve given the impression that I don’t want their love and want to be left alone. I don’t expect people to love me for no reason. That’s why I present people with my offerings of creating content: games, blogs, podcasts. I provide you with some funny shit and you show me some love in return. Pretty fair trade I’d say.

Unfortunately, I’m not THAT brilliant. I can’t just magically create content in seconds. Heck, I often don’t create content for days and weeks and months and years. And sometimes I write shitty sentences like that last one. Of the three types of content I’ve listed, creating games is the hardest one. It’s the hardest, the most frustrating, the most time consuming, and most people don’t give a shit about it. It’s by far the least efficient content if I’m solely looking for love. But it’s the only one that makes money so I can’t just abandon it. It also gets the most views. There are way too many blogs and podcasts so it’s hard capture an audience but a great new game will still get a lot of attention, at least initially when it’s new. I seemed to have lost track of the point I was making and just started listing random facts about games.

Anyway, if I’m looking at a quick dose of love, making a game isn’t the way to go. So I’m left with blogging and podcasting. Blogging’s well and good, but I feel like I need to have more than two lines to say about something before I write about it. Writing also feels like more work because I feel obligated to refine it. I need to proofread and make sentences flow, otherwise, it would just be shit that hurts people to read and I wouldn’t get love from that anyway. That’s why podcasting seems like the best medium if I want to create content but don’t feel particularly motivated to do a lot of work. With podcasts, I don’t need to nor am I expected to edit it. I can talk about smaller topics that I only have two lines to say about, like nuclear pants. It sounds like nuclear plants but it’s not and it sounds silly. That’s all I have to say about it. I can’t write a whole blog entry on that. I snuck it in here but look at how much crap I wrote just to squeeze that in. Podcasting isn’t exactly easy either but I feel like once I get used to talking more, it CAN become easy.

…Everything you read just now is kind of bullshit. It’s not bullshit because they’re not true, but it was kind of an extended exercise of beating around the bushes. The real reason I want to do more podcasts is because a very special person tells me she loves my accent. Okay, that might’ve sounded a bit cliche and creepy and weird, given the context that I will not be providing. I think she gets it though. We kinda talked about this. You get it, right? As for trying to get love, can anything be easier than talking with my natural accent?

Okay, so I explained why I want to do more podcasts. Why don’t I do it then? Well, that’s because of my current living situation. I hate repetition so I hate that I’ve repeated this so many times in my blog already. I’m going to skip the detail and assume you’ve read my previous posts. Too bad for new readers. This is true wherever I’m living, but especially because I’m living at my aunt’s, I don’t want to cause unnecessary disturbance. I think sitting in the corner and seemingly talking to myself would be considered pretty disturbing. There’s one hour a week that no one else is home. It’s one of the days that my uncle has to do dialysis. If I could only do one hour of podcasting a week, that wouldn’t be so bad considering I naturally do much less than that anyway. However, I’m a nice guy and I’m supposed to be helping out and I can help out by driving them to the hospital. When I drive, I can drop them off at the door and pick them up at the door which is a lot more helpful than it sounds due to their current situation. So now, I basically have to choose between helping out my aunt who doesn’t NEED my help but could definitely benefit from it, or I can selfishly seek love from putting out podcasts. Despite how much of an asshole I may appear to be, I’m actually a nice guy. As a nice guy, I’ve gotta drive them to the hospital. That is why I can’t make any podcasts. I’ll try to find some other time to do it. For now, I’m stuck with blogging. Even though I idiotically laugh at my own sentences, I sit in the corner and silence my laughters so it doesn’t draw any attention. From behind, it’ll just look like I’m shivering which makes sense because I exclusively wear shorts and t-shirts despite how cold it gets. I feel like I can go on and expand on many tangents here but I won’t. I’ll just stop this here. This is starting to feel like my podcasts, the way I never know how to end it and just keep saying it over and over again in different ways. Okay… End.