Blindfold Gaming Challenge

This is the video I wrote about yesterday:

Last night, the video was pretty funny in my mind but after rewatching it again today, it’s not as funny as I thought. Maybe I watched it too much or maybe it’s just not that funny. Anyway, hopefully you can find some humor in there and the next few videos will be better. This one was a little under prepared and we just tried to salvage it and put together what we can.

The Last Of Us: Researching Games

Time and time again, I keep hearing people sing praises about The Last Of Us. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I’m starting to notice that I get easily influenced in certain ways. Hearing all the praises about the game makes me want to replay it.


I first played The Last Of Us one summer. It was either summer 2013 or 2014. I honestly cannot remember. I’ll find out when I see my save file again. It was probably 2013 since I don’t remember much of the tiny details anymore. If it was only a couple months ago, that would be much sadder. Still, best case scenario: a year and a half has lapsed and forgetting so much of the game is still a bad sign for the state of my memory.


I don’t expose myself to much news or media. I don’t talk to many people either so often times I never even hear about widely advertised movies and games. This was the case for The Last Of Us. I saw it on a list of games I can borrow from the library and decided to check it out. I remember when I listened to The Indoor Kids a year prior, they mentioned a shooter game that takes place in a desert country and you make hard decisions about whether to kill people or not. Just from the cover and the title, I thought that was what The Last Of Us was. I don’t know what the other game’s called but these are two separate games and I’m pretty sure the other game isn’t nearly as amazing as The Last Of Us.


I’m a fan of the Uncharted games and when I loaded up The Last Of Us, I knew right away I was going to have a good time since it’s made by the same company, Naughty Dog. I’m not a fan of shooters, stealth, puzzle, or survival games so I actually didn’t enjoy the gameplay much. I wasn’t too compelled to play the game and had to force myself to play through a couple sections just for the sake of finishing the game. By the end, the overall experience was good and invoked some pretty interesting emotions but I get the sense that my experience wasn’t as epic as it should have been. I would say I got a pretty pure experience of the game without the influence or bias of anyone or anything. I did not feel the need to replay the game or try the multiplayer so that was the end of my experience with the game.


Over the past month, I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts, especially video game podcasts. I caught up on the Indoor Kids and found out about HAWPcast which was something right up my alley. HAWP stands for Hey Ash Watcha Playin’. Ashly Burch is the voice of Tiny Tina in Borderlands 2, my favourite character in one of my favourite games. Her brother, Anthony Burch, is the writer for Borderlands 2. Together, they have a podcast, HAWPcast, and I couldn’t wait to hear them talk for hours and hours. I was actually really surprised at how low the sound quality was for their podcast but I chose to bear with it and was still able to enjoy it very much. They often talk about the influence of media on females and feminism which brought a lot of interesting thoughts and ideas. There was one episode where they cried as they talked about how grateful they were to have their group of friends who are basically their family. It saddens me that I don’t have that kind of relationship with anyone but it was still a very touching and enjoyable listen.


I am now listening to DLC podcast from Penny Arcade and just caught up to the point where they’re praising The Last Of Us. This sealed the deal for me and made me decide I really want to replay the game. I think I can actually enjoy the game more this time around knowing how good it is and knowing how epicly good the game was for other gamers. It’s odd, but I think just knowing how much others have enjoyed the game is going to make me enjoy it more.. To top off how easily influenced I am, as an admittedly shameful player of Candy Crush, hearing the DLC podcast make fun of Candy Crush gave me the urge to play it. Just the fact that I’m hearing it get mentioned made me want to play a couple games.


I think I’ll end this entry here. I have no idea if there was any point to what I just wrote but I hope it was not a complete waste of your time. I’ll probably write another entry on The Last Of Us after I finish replaying it in a couple days. Oh, and I just signed on to co-design a mobile game. I’ll talk more about it some time. I think tomorrow I’m going to write my thoughts on Shadow of Mordor.

Distraction Cardio

I don’t know about you, but I hate cardiovascular exercises. I know they’re the healthiest and best exercises for the body, but I just hate them. A couple minutes in, I start to feel a combination of tired, bored, lazy, and want to quit. However, I have recently found a way to use the power of distraction and easily do hours of cardio.

First, I tried watching TV while I pedal away on my stationary bike. It didn’t help. I end up just watching TV while sitting on the bike until my ass starts to hurt. I would pedal for a few minutes, work up a little sweat, and then I want to stop. I didn’t purposely try this, but one day I decided to play some shitty ipad games while pedaling and it surprisingly worked wonders. Sure, I still feel like stopping every so often but it’s definitely much easier to resume biking. Before I know it, I’m dripping sweat and literally more than half my shirt is covered in sweat. (I sweat a lot. A few years ago, every time I run 10km, my entire shirt gets covered in sweat.)

Somehow, casual gaming has just the right amount of distraction to make exercising much easier. It probably won’t work for everyone, but if you have trouble keeping up with cardio exercises, it might be worth it for you try different distractions to see if maybe one of them will work for you. To be clear, exercising will not magically become effortless. It will still take a bit of willpower, but it’s definitely easier. For the record, my bike is set to fairly heavy. Actually, it’s stuck there either because I didn’t assemble the bike properly or it was broken to begin with. I didn’t exchange it because I knew I would mostly use the heavy setting anyway and it’s not too heavy. So this distraction exercise thing I’m doing is actually not great cardio because my heart rate doesn’t rise too much, but my sweat proves that it’s still good exercise.

…This post feels too “feel-goody” and I don’t like that. Let me include something I wrote on facebook yesterday to change the mood a little and hopefully end this on an entertaining note: I just looked out the window and saw a teenage kid playing basketball a couple houses down. He attempted to do some fancy dribbling and then proceeded to shoot an air ball. He’s so lucky that he doesn’t know somebody saw that.

Why I Want To Do More Podcasts But Can’t

I want to be loved. I think that’s a normal emotion to have. I’m not a super needy person so I don’t bother anyone in my real life about this need for love. If anything, I would’ve given the impression that I don’t want their love and want to be left alone. I don’t expect people to love me for no reason. That’s why I present people with my offerings of creating content: games, blogs, podcasts. I provide you with some funny shit and you show me some love in return. Pretty fair trade I’d say.

Unfortunately, I’m not THAT brilliant. I can’t just magically create content in seconds. Heck, I often don’t create content for days and weeks and months and years. And sometimes I write shitty sentences like that last one. Of the three types of content I’ve listed, creating games is the hardest one. It’s the hardest, the most frustrating, the most time consuming, and most people don’t give a shit about it. It’s by far the least efficient content if I’m solely looking for love. But it’s the only one that makes money so I can’t just abandon it. It also gets the most views. There are way too many blogs and podcasts so it’s hard capture an audience but a great new game will still get a lot of attention, at least initially when it’s new. I seemed to have lost track of the point I was making and just started listing random facts about games.

Anyway, if I’m looking at a quick dose of love, making a game isn’t the way to go. So I’m left with blogging and podcasting. Blogging’s well and good, but I feel like I need to have more than two lines to say about something before I write about it. Writing also feels like more work because I feel obligated to refine it. I need to proofread and make sentences flow, otherwise, it would just be shit that hurts people to read and I wouldn’t get love from that anyway. That’s why podcasting seems like the best medium if I want to create content but don’t feel particularly motivated to do a lot of work. With podcasts, I don’t need to nor am I expected to edit it. I can talk about smaller topics that I only have two lines to say about, like nuclear pants. It sounds like nuclear plants but it’s not and it sounds silly. That’s all I have to say about it. I can’t write a whole blog entry on that. I snuck it in here but look at how much crap I wrote just to squeeze that in. Podcasting isn’t exactly easy either but I feel like once I get used to talking more, it CAN become easy.

…Everything you read just now is kind of bullshit. It’s not bullshit because they’re not true, but it was kind of an extended exercise of beating around the bushes. The real reason I want to do more podcasts is because a very special person tells me she loves my accent. Okay, that might’ve sounded a bit cliche and creepy and weird, given the context that I will not be providing. I think she gets it though. We kinda talked about this. You get it, right? As for trying to get love, can anything be easier than talking with my natural accent?

Okay, so I explained why I want to do more podcasts. Why don’t I do it then? Well, that’s because of my current living situation. I hate repetition so I hate that I’ve repeated this so many times in my blog already. I’m going to skip the detail and assume you’ve read my previous posts. Too bad for new readers. This is true wherever I’m living, but especially because I’m living at my aunt’s, I don’t want to cause unnecessary disturbance. I think sitting in the corner and seemingly talking to myself would be considered pretty disturbing. There’s one hour a week that no one else is home. It’s one of the days that my uncle has to do dialysis. If I could only do one hour of podcasting a week, that wouldn’t be so bad considering I naturally do much less than that anyway. However, I’m a nice guy and I’m supposed to be helping out and I can help out by driving them to the hospital. When I drive, I can drop them off at the door and pick them up at the door which is a lot more helpful than it sounds due to their current situation. So now, I basically have to choose between helping out my aunt who doesn’t NEED my help but could definitely benefit from it, or I can selfishly seek love from putting out podcasts. Despite how much of an asshole I may appear to be, I’m actually a nice guy. As a nice guy, I’ve gotta drive them to the hospital. That is why I can’t make any podcasts. I’ll try to find some other time to do it. For now, I’m stuck with blogging. Even though I idiotically laugh at my own sentences, I sit in the corner and silence my laughters so it doesn’t draw any attention. From behind, it’ll just look like I’m shivering which makes sense because I exclusively wear shorts and t-shirts despite how cold it gets. I feel like I can go on and expand on many tangents here but I won’t. I’ll just stop this here. This is starting to feel like my podcasts, the way I never know how to end it and just keep saying it over and over again in different ways. Okay… End.

PRO DJ Max Ray Lubing Up Skills

My friend was at my house one day and we randomly decided to record me playing DJ Max Ray because he found it hilarious that I lube up to play the game. The videos aren’t too interesting. It’s funny to hear my friend laugh and you can also get a glimpse at how good I am at music games. Unfortunately, it’s a useless life skill. I recommend skipping the 2nd video because it’s the least interesting one.