My email to Louis CK

This email will probably not get read by Louis CK. This blog post might not get read by anyone here on wordpress either. If there’s anything I have to say, it’s that if you love Louis CK, you should watch Horace and Pete, his latest show which I just found out about yesterday. Enjoy.



Hi Louis, I hope this email reaches you.

I know you’ve heard this a million times but I just want to tell you that everything you do is amazing. Hopefully this email will be a little nugget of positive energy in your day, even though I’m a nobody.
I’m in the middle of Horace and Pete and I knew I’d love your work. I’m going to finishing binge watching it right after I finish writing this email.
You probably can’t be bothered to reply to me. Even as a huge fan, I used to be a bit annoyed by that. As more time pass, I think it’s becoming more understandable to me. At the end of the day, it just boils down to the fact that I’m a nobody, which kinda sucks, but it is what it is. At this point, I guess I’m sort of content with the fact that there’s a chance you might read this and that’s about it.
From listening to your interviews and watching your shows, it seems that you still feel depressed from time to time. That sucks. It sucks that depressing feelings feel so shitty and it sucks to know that even being as successful as you won’t take depressing feelings away.
You’ve always been a huge inspiration for me and I hope to be even a fraction as successful and hardworking as you.
There’s something I’m curious about and you’re probably not the right person to ask. I do know that you’re very thoughtful and maybe you might have excellent insights on this very unimportant thing I’m about to describe.
I’m not in show business but I’m a guy who watches and listens to a lot of interviews and I have a working knowledge of a bunch of the show business lingo. I am also a hobbyist at writing and content creating (blog, videos, talks, video games, etc).
I’m curious about this little thing, brought on by the fact that I did not love episode 1 of Horace and Pete right off the bat, even though I know I’d love your work. Now, obviously you know what the fuck you’re doing and I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about. You talk about how many people read your script and knew it was amazing but I’m just shocked that my brain is so fucked up that I can’t really see it. The 100 year old bar tradition was the first captivating thing for me in episode 1. Up until that point, I was just hanging in there.
I think this is more of a problem with my perception of things so hopefully you didn’t feel insulted by my comment. I’ve heard that pilots are extremely difficult to make because you need to introduce all the characters and I know that 1st episodes of other amazing shows didn’t captivate me right away either. I also have this void where I do not enjoy travelling and seeing new places at all. Perhaps the internet age has ruined me because I find that there are many more amazing new content for me to consume on the computer screen than travelling in real life.
So anyway, what am I trying to say here? I’m tempted to delete this whole latter half of the email unless I can think of a way to wrap it up right now. … I guess I just wonder if you have any insights into the process of capturing a person’s interest. What is a deeper explanation behind a phrase like: “You’ll love this show after you watch the first 3 episodes.”
By the way, you mentioned something about 30 minutes after you first announced your first episode that people tweeted that they’ve watched the entirety of the 60 minute episode. I might have some interesting insight on that.
There’s this weird person I work with who believes in himself very strongly in pretty much everything he does. He told me that the way he watches TV shows is that he knows which parts he likes to see so he skips around the video to find the good scenes and he watches those. It sounds absolutely ridiculous and he has this arrogance that he knows exactly what he’s doing. So I guess now we know people like that exist out there. I told him that what he described sounded like a person skipping through Game of Thrones to find the boob scenes.