My Life’s Paradoxes Part III

Just thought up another handful of paradoxes today so I thought I’d write them up. The first one would be me continuing to update this blog right after my entry last night saying that I might stop blogging.

I ran a lot of errands with a friend today and we were planning to eat lunch. He wanted to do some banking before that and asked if I was dying to eat. That got me thinking. I’m never dying to eat. I could be dying from hunger and I still wouldn’t be dying to eat. It actually pisses me off when people whine about needing to eat. Go eat shit. Okay, I went way off track…

In the past, I have been extremely selective and picky with the girls I think about asking out. Lately, I noticed that I’ve lowered my standards a lot. In my mind, I convince myself into thinking that uglier girls might be easier targets and easiness adds to how much I’m attracted to them. In reality, uglier girls aren’t easier for the most part so I’m basically just lowering my expectations for no reason. I made myself out as such a jerk so you might be happy to know that karma is doing its job and I live a shitty life and never gotten close to getting laid.

It might be hard to believe what I’m about to say coming from a cynical dick like me, but I want kids. I want kids, but I don’t want shitty kids. I have no idea how to not raise a shitty kid so any kid I raise would probably end up shitty. That’s why I don’t want kids.

This last little bit isn’t a paradox, but I just woke up from a dream where my parents pissed the shit out of me. It isn’t the first time this happened either. Even in my dreams, my parents won’t leave me alone.