Solution For Gay Marriage

Isn’t it about time for people to stop talking about gay marriage? I think it should be legal but a lot of idiots refuse to legalize it and I’m getting sick of hearing people continuing to blindly fight for gay marriage. If those idiots simply won’t change their minds on false grounds, why are you joining their idiocy and fighting them on the same ground?

If there are idiots who claim that marriage should be between a man and a woman, then just call gay marriage something else. Call it gayrage, homorage, whatever you want. Make new laws regarding this new type of marriage that mirrors normal marriage. The idiots who are can’t reconcile with the idea of gay marriage won’t be smart enough to figure out the ruse of the new type of marriage. Just tell them it’s a way to separate the gays to appease them, but we’ll actually be legalizing gay marriage under a different name.

Most idiots will stay idiots forever. You don’t try to teach them rocket science, so why would you try to get them to understand gay marriage? The more you bother them about accepting gays, the more they hate gays because of the confrontation you’re creating. Stop fighting them and they’ll stop fighting back.