CNC Machinist Interview

So I went in for an interview today. One of the ladies interviewing me constantly had a huge smile on her face. It reminded me how good it makes other people feel when you smile, especially since the other interviewer wasn’t smiling much. I tend to smile when I’m spoken to as a reaction but I don’t initiate smiles at people. I should learn to do that. It’s a good trait to have.


I think the interview went pretty well. The oddest question I was asked is what I thought of manholes in the streets. The interviewer told me that there’s no specific answer he’s looking for but just wanted to see how I would react to it. First I asked to clarify whether he was talking about manholes or potholes. He told me manholes so I just said they’re to help prevent floods during heavy rain and probably for people to access various areas of the sewers for maintenance. The woman from the work agency that set up the interview for me had asked me to call her after the interview to tell her about it and when I told her that question, she laughed quite a bit.


Other people’s laughs and smiles make me feel good. I should probably expose myself to those situations more. I say that but I’m probably not going to do anything about it for the time being.