Last Drinks For A While

This is how I’m spending the night:

2 beers, some vodka, coke, and watching 3D Movies. Oh, my thighs are in pic too. I’m hesitant to post this picture because it’s so messy but who cares, right?


Hopefully it’ll be a fun night. After this, I’m going to lay off the drinks for a while… mostly because I’m too lazy to buy more.

Movie Day

I kinda quit my sales job today. I tend to quit jobs pretty quickly but this one wasn’t my fault. For once, I actually have pretty good reason to leave because I have all that CNC stuff I should be focusing on now. At first I was going to keep doing the sales job until the CNC training starts but I decided to leave earlier. I knew that I wasn’t making money for them because of my low sales rate and I knew that I don’t intend to lie the way they want me to in order to close sales. I talked with the managers about that and I told them that since this is the case, we should discuss termination. I could’ve held off discussing that stuff for a few days but I didn’t want to work for them anymore anyway. The meeting went well and things ended on good terms. So yeah, that’s the end of that for now I guess.


The work agency is setting me up with interviews for the CNC thing this week and since I’m not working now, my week is going to be pretty free. It’s too bad there isn’t anything I want to do so I’m just trying to pass the time. I exercised a whole lot but that still only took up maybe 4 hours. Maybe I should attempt full day workout regimens for the rest of the week. For today, I decided to watch some movies so I can delete them from my computer. I’ve been having a hard time enjoying movies lately – I get bored and want to sleep. I wouldn’t mind sleeping all day but I also have a hard time sleeping once I’m in bed. It’s stupid things like these that make life so frustrating and unenjoyable for me. Today, I fought the boredom and stuck with the movies and it turned out to be quite enjoyable.


First, I watched I, Robot. It’s an older movie but I’ve never watched it until today. I don’t know if it was because of the beers I had before watching the movie or just my overall dissatisfaction with my life, but I got really emotional and cried several times during the movie. I am not proud of that. I wouldn’t say I’m ashamed of crying, but it’s definitely not a proud thing. I really enjoyed the movie though.


Next, I watched Gravity. I don’t know how I feel about this one. I really wanted to stop watching it several times during the movie but I finished it. I usually never get dizzy from games or movies but the scene near the beginning where Sandra Bullock is spinning got my dizzy. It’s definitely well made and I was able to get into it some of the time but it’s definitely not one of my favorites. One thing I want to bring up is when Sandra Bullock gets into the Chinese space station or whatever the thing is called, I thought it was slightly racist that there was a ping pong racket floating around in there. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure they don’t play ping pong in space. This detail wouldn’t be racist if Chinese astronauts actually bring ping pong rackets up there – then it would just be fact. Even if it was just a little racist joke, it’s barely racist and I’m barely offended but I just felt like bringing it up.


Finally, I wrapped up the night with Need For Speed. I wasn’t expecting it to be an excellent movie, but I thought it’d be something I’d like. It started off really lame which surprised and disappointed me. But then it got really good, surprisingly good. So I got surprised twice. I don’t really have much else to say about this movie. Well, there was this one thought I had throughout the movie: I thought the main character looked a lot like Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad. I feel kind of racist for thinking those white guys look alike. … Oh shit. I just googled it to fact-check and it turns out that the main character really was Aaron Paul. Now I just feel stupid, lol.

Movie Magic: Nostalgic Callbacks (Ongoing List)

Everybody loves nostalgia. You can’t hate it. You have to like it by definition of the word. If you don’t like it, then you’re not experiencing nostalgia; you’re just remembering a crappy memory. Movies aren’t very long long so it’s pretty amazing when they can make us feel nostalgic during the movie for something that happened an hour ago. We feel nostalgic about the movie before it’s even over.

I noticed a common way that movies do that and I call it nostalgic callbacks. Early on in the movie, a character would say something idiotic or make up a crazy web of lies for comedic effect. This first event has to be out of the ordinary so that it’s memorable because crazy things are easier to remember than normal things. Near the end of the movie, they bring this idea back but this time, you actually see it happening instead of just hearing the characters talk about it. When done right, it’s delivers a more immersive experience because you feel like you’re in on an inside joke.

Just for fun, I will begin compiling a list of movies that use nostalgic callbacks effectively. I’m going to start the list small, with just the movies I watched today. When you recognize the movie, I’m sure you would feel nostalgic about it again. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. You can help me fill out this list too!

(I wish it was needless to say that there’s going to be spoilers but spoiler alerts are always needed to be said.)

…I started summarizing the movies and the nostalgic callbacks but that was too much work and boring to read. So I’ll just be listing the movies and the keywords in the nostalgic callbacks. That should suffice.

The Green Hornet

Nun-chucks and ejection seats.

Nun-chucks and ejection seats.

Madagascar 3

Madagascar 3

Trapeze Americano, aquatic cobras, jetpacks, balloons.

Ice Age

Ice Age


Madagascar 2

Madagascar 2

Dancing out of trouble?

I’m grasping at straws here. I’m not very good at making this list, but maybe you guys can do a better job.

Ice Age 3



Making Sense Out of Fiction

A friend of mine showed me an article where the author developed something he called “the pixar theory”. The theory tries to explain how every pixar movie is within the same universe and are all connected. To me, that is a perfect example of someone with way too much time on the hands and trying way too hard to earn people’s approval of his intelligence.

I hate that I'm using this picture so many times but it's just so appropriate to what I'm saying.

I hate that I’m using this picture so many times but it’s just so appropriate to what I’m saying.

So you can chain together similarities between all the movies, big whop.You know what else is similar between all the movies? They’re all animated with computers, they’re all the stories born from human imagination, and they’re all fiction. Fiction means that it’s not real, which means that ANYTHING can happen. If anything can happen, then you can explain anything you want, as long as you want to.

I want to cover myself with snow and freeze half to death to take a artsy picture.

I want to cover myself with snow and freeze half to death to take a artsy picture.

As a creator of stories and things, I like to throw in cameos from my other works just for fun and no other reason whatsoever. Even if pixar claims to have had plans all along, it doesn’t mean it’s true. What do you think a big company would want to do? Would they want to borrow a fan idea, alter it and make it into their own, have that fan shit his pants with joy, and gain free publicity? Or would they rather call that fan a dumbass douche that needs to spend his time doing more important things?

Or do less important things like holding up a fake book about red squares that I'm not even reading because I'm too busy staring at the camera.

Or do less important things like holding up a fake book about red squares that I’m not even reading because I’m too busy staring at the camera.

Have you ever seen an accomplished scientist come up with these extensive movie theories? No, because they’re spending their time doing more important things. If coming up with these theories is so brilliant, why doesn’t the person use that brilliance to actually do something… brilliant.

Do something brilliant like pretending to read a smart book. Look at me, I'm totally reading it. Look how I'm adjusting my glasses because that's how smart people read.

Do something brilliant like pretending to read a smart book. Look at me, I’m totally reading it. Look how I’m adjusting my glasses because that’s how smart people read.

Sorry if I sounded a little harsh on some people. I don’t think I’m better than you or anything. It’s just that I’m an attention-craving bum myself so I know one when I see one.

We don't need to know how to spell because we're hot.

We don’t need to know how to spell because we’re hot.