Sad. Funny. Truthful. Podcast Episode 47 – JRE And Music Talk With Jason

We talked a bit about music and Joe Rogan’s podcast. I was pretty boring in this episode so we ended it early and hoping to start the next episode and have more interesting things to say.



If the above link doesn’t work, you should always check here ( for the updated links to download the podcast. I will also provide the link to download all the episodes there and it might even have newer and better links.


Web hosting starting at $5 a month. You might get more discount if you mention this podcast. I don’t know. I don’t really care anymore lol.


That’s a weird word. I’ve been pretty depressed and uninspired for a long time now and it’s weird to see people around me suffering similarly. It almost feels as though there’s an epidemic depression going around. But that’s stupid and I know it’s not true. Just coincidence.

If you can spare a moment, please help add more likes and positive comments to the song:  I used this guy’s songs for my previous flash games so I owe him at least this plug.

I just removed a large portion of this post and I’m too lazy to replace it with anything else. I guess the title pretty much sums up the current state of my blog and my life.

Let me try to end on a high note. My friend recently had an unfortunate visit to a whore house and wrote all about it and I’m going to post that story. It’s sad that the only high note I can find in my life is my friend’s misfortune, not that I actively wish it upon them. …The more I try to clarify I’m not actually an asshole, the more I sound like one so I’ll just stop here and let you read the story when I post it.