Inconvenience of “No Thanks”

People often say “no thanks” to things to not cause any trouble or inconvenience. However, declining the offer is often far more inconvenient and annoying. Usually, by the time the person offers, he’s already prepared to do whatever he’s offering. Declining the offer then becomes more troublesome than actually doing whatever’s offered.

I’m not saying people should say yes to everything. There are many times where you really don’t want the thing that’s offered. But when someone defaults to saying no to everything, it becomes very annoying. What, is my company a nuisance to you? If so, why don’t you say so and I will get out of your hair forever.

Life and social interactions aren’t as straight forward as that. But why not? Why do people make things so complicated. I often fantasize about a utopia of honesty. It’s just a fantasy though, because I’m sure it can never happen. Not only because people are stupid, but there are probably scenarios that led people to socially evolve to the way we are. The prime problematic example I can think of, is desiring and not desiring sex from people. At first, it would seem that if everyone’s honest about who they’d like to fuck, everyone would fuck more and everyone would be happier. The problem lie with the people that others don’t want to fuck. How depressing would that be? Very.