Unblunt, Unsharp, Unhonest

It should be dishonest but whatever. I spent way too much time just sitting here thinking of the title and I just want to start writing some crap already.


I have always prided myself in being open, direct, and honest. I’ve been thinking about a few of my recent interactions and I realized that I have not maintained that integrity. In an effort to make nice with people, I noticed that I haven’t been as blunt and honest as I associated myself to being.


It’s easy to be blunt when there’s no one to offend. It’s easy to be honest to myself. But when other people are involved, things get a little more complicated. Sometimes, telling the truth can make me a dick, not just when it’s uncalled for. I’ve done that in the past and accidentally pissed off people. But I also don’t like being as prissy I’ve been lately either.


All this honest talk reminds me of a story I heard on a podcast today. The guy gives himself random challenges sometimes and one time he challenged himself not to tell a single lie for a week. It was decades ago and he was trying to enroll in a journalism course and it required him to have a typing speed of over 25 WPM but he was only able to get 21. He asked his Asian roommate to help him pass the test and the Asian dude passed it with a whopping 60-something WPM. When they interviewed him for the enrollment, they asked him how come he jumped from 20 WPM to 60 WPM. Instead of lying and saying he was tired or something, he told the truth and got banned from ever enrolling in that course.


Absolute truth telling can be more trouble than it’s worth. I’m still not quite sure what I want to do with my honesty. I’m probably going to go through this cycle for the rest of my life: Be honest and accidentally make some dick moves or get in trouble → feel bad about it and tell more lies → feel like a dishonest priss-tart and try to be more honest again…

Eggs In A Basket

When I do things, I don’t like to do them half-assedly. I want to go full ass. The expression “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is true under one axiom: if you can’t afford to lose your eggs. In real life, eggs (or whatever they are a metaphor for) would not end your life even if you broke them all. They’re just eggs. Go buy more. We shouldn’t be expecting the eggs to go wrong in one basket either. Reinforce the basket to ensure nothing goes wrong. Plus, carrying multiple baskets will increase your chances of screwing up.


I’ve had this next thought for a while now. You know the old news about when Justin Beiber totalled his car? I was thinking about that and want to use it as an example, and defend him in my example. First off, I want to be clear that I don’t like the guy. I don’t feel strongly about it, but he’s just easy to dislike. I feel mostly neutral about him but if I had to pick a side, I would easily pick the hater side. Anyway, I don’t know any detail about that news but I can imagine hypothetically, in a similar situation, a guy could be a little reckless but might not necessary fuck things up. It’s very possible that there were people nagging him and telling him to be less reckless, which ticked him off, occupied his mind, and is what tipped over the recklessness to actually cause an incident. Basically, I’m saying that there are times where nagger are the cause of problems so don’t nag. Don’t be annoying. If things are bad, nagging makes it worse, not better.


Lastly, I’m going to write about my dream last night. I was listening to podcasts when I went to bed and fell asleep while listening to the Nerdist podcast with Metallica as the guest. Then in my dream, I was part of the band and I was driving them around. I don’t know how they look like but I was basically just hanging out with 5 “cool” dudes in the dream. I don’t even know how many people are in the band. Anyway, in the dream, I drove them around in a Volkswagen Beetle and the thought kept crossing my mind that it was an unmanly car. It’s not that I even like that car or anything but that’s just what happened in my dream. I had weird anxious feelings that they might make fun of me for my car choice but then the drive worked out and I felt relieved that I picked a car that worked. Not sure why there was the idea that another car might not have worked. Then the dream moved on to us staying at a place and as we were leaving, I looked in the closet and it had some of the same clothes as my closet. That was odd. Was it my closet? I took a look at the other clothes and it was not my closet but there were surprisingly some of the same clothes. I thought I should take them with me since they were “my clothes” and then a pacman ghost floated into the closet. I felt fear and the place now seems haunted. I put the clothes back and woke up. I’m sure all this dream talk made no sense at all. They sound like they might be emulating some deep seeded emotions or something but beyond that, it didn’t make much sense and I really don’t think I did a good job describing it. I had those dreams in my first sleep that I woke up from at 2am. Maybe I could’ve done a better job if I wrote about it then but I chose to sleep instead. Hopefully my next dream entry will make more sense than this.

I Got Played On The Todd Glass Show!

Not sure if anyone listens to podcasts here or listen to The Todd Glass Show. I sent in a bit a little while ago and he finally played it! It’s exciting, lol. After hearing it, I made a new one and sent that in too. Hopefully I’ll get played more and more!


You can check it out here:



You can skip ahead to 24:20 to get to where I start.


I uploaded the original audio on youtube here. He didn’t play the whole thing. Where he stopped, it almost made me seem like a bad person lol. Anyway, enjoy!

The Last Of Us: Researching Games

Time and time again, I keep hearing people sing praises about The Last Of Us. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I’m starting to notice that I get easily influenced in certain ways. Hearing all the praises about the game makes me want to replay it.


I first played The Last Of Us one summer. It was either summer 2013 or 2014. I honestly cannot remember. I’ll find out when I see my save file again. It was probably 2013 since I don’t remember much of the tiny details anymore. If it was only a couple months ago, that would be much sadder. Still, best case scenario: a year and a half has lapsed and forgetting so much of the game is still a bad sign for the state of my memory.


I don’t expose myself to much news or media. I don’t talk to many people either so often times I never even hear about widely advertised movies and games. This was the case for The Last Of Us. I saw it on a list of games I can borrow from the library and decided to check it out. I remember when I listened to The Indoor Kids a year prior, they mentioned a shooter game that takes place in a desert country and you make hard decisions about whether to kill people or not. Just from the cover and the title, I thought that was what The Last Of Us was. I don’t know what the other game’s called but these are two separate games and I’m pretty sure the other game isn’t nearly as amazing as The Last Of Us.


I’m a fan of the Uncharted games and when I loaded up The Last Of Us, I knew right away I was going to have a good time since it’s made by the same company, Naughty Dog. I’m not a fan of shooters, stealth, puzzle, or survival games so I actually didn’t enjoy the gameplay much. I wasn’t too compelled to play the game and had to force myself to play through a couple sections just for the sake of finishing the game. By the end, the overall experience was good and invoked some pretty interesting emotions but I get the sense that my experience wasn’t as epic as it should have been. I would say I got a pretty pure experience of the game without the influence or bias of anyone or anything. I did not feel the need to replay the game or try the multiplayer so that was the end of my experience with the game.


Over the past month, I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts, especially video game podcasts. I caught up on the Indoor Kids and found out about HAWPcast which was something right up my alley. HAWP stands for Hey Ash Watcha Playin’. Ashly Burch is the voice of Tiny Tina in Borderlands 2, my favourite character in one of my favourite games. Her brother, Anthony Burch, is the writer for Borderlands 2. Together, they have a podcast, HAWPcast, and I couldn’t wait to hear them talk for hours and hours. I was actually really surprised at how low the sound quality was for their podcast but I chose to bear with it and was still able to enjoy it very much. They often talk about the influence of media on females and feminism which brought a lot of interesting thoughts and ideas. There was one episode where they cried as they talked about how grateful they were to have their group of friends who are basically their family. It saddens me that I don’t have that kind of relationship with anyone but it was still a very touching and enjoyable listen.


I am now listening to DLC podcast from Penny Arcade and just caught up to the point where they’re praising The Last Of Us. This sealed the deal for me and made me decide I really want to replay the game. I think I can actually enjoy the game more this time around knowing how good it is and knowing how epicly good the game was for other gamers. It’s odd, but I think just knowing how much others have enjoyed the game is going to make me enjoy it more.. To top off how easily influenced I am, as an admittedly shameful player of Candy Crush, hearing the DLC podcast make fun of Candy Crush gave me the urge to play it. Just the fact that I’m hearing it get mentioned made me want to play a couple games.


I think I’ll end this entry here. I have no idea if there was any point to what I just wrote but I hope it was not a complete waste of your time. I’ll probably write another entry on The Last Of Us after I finish replaying it in a couple days. Oh, and I just signed on to co-design a mobile game. I’ll talk more about it some time. I think tomorrow I’m going to write my thoughts on Shadow of Mordor.

Sad. Funny. Truthful. Podcast Episode 52 – Jason – Bunch of Stuff, Depression, JRE

Another long podcast with Jason. This, along with the previous 2 episodes were all recorded on the same day. We talked for more than 7 hours!

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sm/create/SFTpodcast/SFT-0052-Jason-Bunch_of_Stuff%2CDepression%2CJRE.mp3

Youtube: http://youtu.be/_kfOn-lhkOM

If the above link doesn’t work, you should always check here (https://tedgaming.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/where-to-download-sad-funny-truthful-podcast/) for the updated links to download the podcast. I will also provide the link to download all the episodes there and it might even have newer and better links.



Web hosting starting at $5 a month. You might get more discount if you mention this podcast. I don’t know. I don’t really care anymore lol.

Sad. Funny. Truthful. Podcast Episode 51 – Comfort And Evolution With Jason

I talk to Jason about comfort and evolution. We talked a lot of evolution. I also clumsily explained my knowledge of the known universe and the big bang theory.

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sm/create/SFTpodcast/SFT-0051-Comfort_And_Evolution_With_Jason.mp3

Youtube: http://youtu.be/S88-GAc50iw

If the above link doesn’t work, you should always check here (https://tedgaming.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/where-to-download-sad-funny-truthful-podcast/) for the updated links to download the podcast. I will also provide the link to download all the episodes there and it might even have newer and better links.



Web hosting starting at $5 a month. You might get more discount if you mention this podcast. I don’t know. I don’t really care anymore lol.