Promised Procrastination Paradox

I promised that I was going to procrastinate from programming with blogging and voila. There really isn’t any paradox with it. I only included it in the title because I’m going to write a bit about a game called The Guided Fate Paradox. Also, it starts with P and I apparently want to alliterate my title. I’m actually not really procrastinating right now. I did try to procrastinate by asking people like Justin to podcast with me but those didn’t happen and I ended finishing all my work instead. That doesn’t mean I was hard working though. I only assigned myself very little work for today and it turned out to be even less than I expected. I finished it in a couple minutes. That’s all the work I’ve done not only for today, but for the past week. I’ve been a major slack off lately. This is still procrastinating though because I create games and I literally have an endless amount of work I can be doing but fuck that, I’m done for today.

Just like the title of this blog entry, the word “paradox” doesn’t fit into the game title at all. If I look online, I’m sure I can find people who can explain what the title means but instead of doing that, I’m just going to bitch about it. The Guided Fate Paradox is simply a bad name all around. That title would only attract people looking for a deep intelligent game with philosophical ideas but when they look at the game and see anime characters and 2D sprites, they would probably be turned off. Or maybe not. I don’t know what people think and I’m just talking shit here but that’s what I think.

The game is a Nippon Ichi Software game and I love all their games. NIS America is the American branch that localizes the games. Disgaea is their most famous series and I just picked up Disgaea D2 from the library today. If I had to describe their game in short, it’s 2D tactical RPGs with hilarious dialogues and a level cap of 9999 instead of the traditional 100 which satisfies my level-grinding needs. There are lots of ways to develop your characters and I really admire that aspect of their games.

Nippon Ichi’s style of games easily does not fit most people’s tastes but it fits my tastes perfectly. I don’t enjoy the 2D graphics, but I don’t mind them. One thing that confused me quite a bit is how few players they have. In this game, there’s a feature where you can check online stats for all the collective players. The game was released half a year ago and it only has less than 13,000 players. Now, that stat is only for players who go online which I don’t know how many ps3 players don’t go online but when you even it out with piracy and people borrowing and reselling games, that number is around the sales number they’ve got. They’re an accomplished game company and off the top of my head I can remember at least 8 of their games that I’ve enjoyed. 13,000 is such a sad number. I think that number is only for North America. I hope so. If it’s worldwide, then it’s really sad. I’m pretty sure the game is much more popular in Japan. I’m sure it’s still profitable for them, otherwise they would stop localizing these games, but I still can’t get over that number.

If I made a game and got those kinds of numbers, I wouldn’t be satisfied with it at all. My last game, Tek Tactical, is kind of a failure and it still got several hundred thousand plays. I know that I’m comparing a shitty free web game to a $60 ps3 game, but I still can’t get over the number of players. I’d like to get viral and popular so it seems I’m actually on the right path right now by making free games. I just gotta actually get my ass working on these games instead of procrastinating all the time.

Anyway, I guess that’s all I’ve got to say about that game for now. The other thing I promised to write about is how I accidentally cooked/burned my thigh. I’ve been boiling water and taking it upstairs to the bathtub. On one of my many trips through the halls of my house, I bumped the empty hot pot into the wall and it hit my thigh. It bounced off my thigh and barely touched it but it’s been two days now and I’ve got this red mark. It looks like one of those red marks as if I pressed my elbow on my thigh for several minutes and when I let go, it’s red. Or when you fall asleep in class and when you wake up, your face has those red marks.  It just looks like one of those, except it’s not one of those because this one doesn’t go away after a few minutes and it hurts a little. Funny thing about touching hot things is that you can see how slow the body reacts. If you try to stick your hand in hot water, you can feel an obvious delay before you feel the heat and the need to pull your hand away. On a similar note, sometimes I test how hot something is by just touching it and withdrawing right away. After I’m no longer touching the object, I slowly get a sense of how hot it was when I touched it. I thought about including a picture of my thigh but I got too lazy.

Umm… I don’t think I wrote anything funny in this entire entry. That’s quite a shame. I’ll quote two funny things I heard on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast lately:

When confronted with comparing UFC with human cock fighting, a good response is “Nope, all our fighters wear pants in the UFC.” – Campbell McLaren, co-founder of UFC

“Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.” – Kron Gracie

I Think I Will Write An Entry Today

I think I will be writing one or several blog entries today. I think that because I plan to force myself to work in the afternoon and I’ll probably end up wanting to procrastinate and blog which is more productive than doing nothing, but still hardly productive at all. There are several things I could write about: some sort, some long. I’ll probably end up writing about everything. Here’s a bit of a teaser: I will probably write about my experience with The Guided Fate Paradox, which is a game I’ve been playing. It’s kind of a game review, but hopefully it should be interesting for non gamers too, like how the first chapter, Cinderella calls her stepmother a bitch and gets punched by her. I can also write a short thing about how I cooked/burned a part of my leg. Nothing severe, but kinda interesting. There might be a few other things. I guess that’s it. This entry is kinda pointless but oh well.

Procrastination Fascination

I started recording a podcast with that title today but I bailed on it 15 minutes in. I believe this is the second time I’ve ever deleted a podcast because I wasn’t happy with it. There isn’t any fascination. I only named it that to rhyme with procrastination. Now that I’m still procrastinating, I guess I’ll do a blog version of it. I wanted it to be a podcast because it’s just a bunch of scattered thoughts. There is actually one organized thought in there and I will save that thought. It’s about messenger birds. I may write about it right after this entry or I’ll talk about on the next podcast, whenever that may be.

First off, I find it fascinating that Tek Tactical seems to actively infuriate certain people. I stopped the podcast while talking about this and it’s almost making me quit this blog entry too. A lot of speculation and explanation seems to be required but I’ll just leave it at that and move on. Let’s just say it’s now at a point where I’m glad I’m pissing those people off because they’re assholes anyway.

I’ve been playing Hatsune Miku for the past couple days. Some people might not recognize the name but you might recognize her face:


If you don’t recognize her, well, I guess you’ll be learning about her now. It’s called a vocaloid and it’s a computer generated voice and people make songs with it. This is a video of a live hologram concert. That one is actually a pretty good song but there are also annoying songs like this or this. Those aren’t even the most annoying ones. Maybe it’s a good thing that I couldn’t find the really bad ones. I only brought this up because I thought it was funny that when I first launched the game, there’s a screen that tells you to be polite and keep the volume down or use headphones. It’s basically the developers admitting that they know the voice can be super annoying.

I’ve been borrowing games from the library. I haven’t done that in half a year but I started again last week. For a brief moment, I thought I could get into gaming again but it didn’t last. There’s still a severe loss of interest. Anyway, the reason I brought up the library is because I travelled to the library yesterday and the day before. The library is about 6km away from my house which wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for all the fucking snow and ice. On the first day, I chose to bike. I had to walk a good portion of the trip because there was too much snow to pedal through. On the not-too-thick snow, there’s tons of tire slippage going on but it’s kind of fun. Then it slipped while I was making a 90 degree turn and that wasn’t pretty. Actually maybe it was pretty – I wish I could see how I looked from third person. The bike fell sideways during the turn and I jumped off and kept on walking while still holding onto the handles and pulling the bike along. After walking a couple steps and regaining my balance, I jumped back onto the bike but the chain had fallen off so pedalling didn’t move the bike anymore. If it weren’t for that, I might’ve actually looked pretty cool. I had to take a moment to put the chain back on. Historically, I had to get my hands dirty to fix it.. That day, I discovered that if I just pedalled backwards a couple times, the chain will fall back onto the gears.

Biking in the snow was a bit more troublesome than I expected but it wasn’t too bad. Yesterday, I had to go to the library again for another game. It was snowing a bit so I decided to walk this time. For two weeks now, I have been biking on my stationary bike for many hours everyday. My legs were never sore from the previous day so I thought my legs were getting pretty damn good. They didn’t get tired from biking to the library either. However, when I woke up today, my legs were pretty sore. I guess it makes sense that biking is easier on the legs than walking, but it still caught me by surprise. I like the feeling of sore muscles though. It feels like I actually did some shit rather than just sitting around and procrastinating all day. I’m going to the library again tomorrow and I can’t decide whether I should walk or bike. I was leaning on walking earlier, but now I’m leaning towards biking. But then it snowed these past two days so walking might be wiser. I’m still completely undecided.

I have one last thought I want to write about to wrap this up. I saved the grossest for last. I haven’t talked about shit lately. And by shit, I’m talking about fecal matter. (I feel like I need a transition line here. Oh well. Enjoy the foreshadowing.) Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always enjoyed sitting in a bath every so often. As a child, I never noticed that I might be sitting in my own filth. When I’ve been taking bathes these last couple weeks, I notice a lot of skin and hair. I’m not really bothered by those too much, but then if I take a bath after I shit, it doesn’t matter how much I wipe and how much I spray my ass with the shower hose, when I sit in a bath, there’s always one tiny piece of shit dust floating around. It’s surprisingly self-contained and doesn’t change the color of the surrounding water, but it’s still unpleasant to have a tiny piece of shit floating around in the water I’m sitting in. Actually, the lack of color contamination makes sense if I compare it to regular shits in the toilet. The toilet water usually stays clear when I take healthy shits. Comparing these new bath experiences with my childhood ones, I have two theories. Either I’ve become more observant and pay more attention to detail as I’ve gotten older, or maybe my asshole is not as tight as it used to be and shit is slipping out.