Biological Racism

In an ideal world, there would be no racism. But the world we live in is far from ideal and there will always be racism. Even if everyone had the same skin color, people would still be racist against people with different upbringings. Hillbillies, rednecks, southerners, mountain people, hippies, pothead, junkies, homeless people: these are proofs that racism is not limited to skin color. Some people might argue that racism is only limited to skin color and I’m describing discrimination. It’s all the same shit.

I wonder how much racism is biological and whether that makes it excusable. Cultural upbringing definitely has far more influence, but I think there’s some biology at work too. Of course, there are limits to what’s excusable. Just because a person is predisposed to be a little more racist, killing someone is still inarguably wrong. A crime will still be a crime, but how much racism is allowable when it comes to mating and procreation? In a recent podcast, I mentioned that many Chinese people are naturally less attracted to black girls. I kind of feel that way and I feel racist for feeling that way. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying black girls are less attractive. They’re just less attractive to me, just as I’m sure I’m less attractive to certain people just by being Chinese. There’s no hate here. I don’t hate anyone for being black. Like many whiggers out there, I think there’s something extra cool about black people.

I don’t know if it’s biological for me to have those sexual preferences. We’re okay with biological sexual orientation, but how come biological racial preference is worse? I agree that it’s worse too, but if it really is biological, you can’t really blame the person. The human body is covered in bacteria. What if black pussies have a certain bacteria that eats the flesh of Chinese penises. That would be more definitively biological and I’m sure no one could blame a Chinaman for avoiding black pussies if that were true. But alas, that is not the case so I’ve just written some random shit.

I guess if I had to make a point and make myself sound less of an asshole, we should not be racist because we are not slaves to our biology. Many people have shitty eyes but instead of being blind, we get glasses. It might take some work, but as long as you’re open and willing to overcome whatever tiny bit of predisposed racism is in your body, then you’re on the right track.

SFT Podcast Episode 29 – Crappily Explaining Racism

I crappily try to explain my view on racism.



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Racist vs. Unracist vs. Overtly Unracist

Let me start off by defining the terms. To be racist is to address race in any way, shape, or form. Some people use the term “racial” to identify unmalicious racism. Strictly speaking, anything that’s racial is also racist but people usually define racism as the hateful discrimination of race. It is universally agreed that negative racism is bad (unless you’re a racist asshole) therefore people try to be unracist.

By strict definitions, being unracist would simply be not addressing race at all. However, due to the negative connotation of racism, people become overtly unracist instead, going out of their way to be nice to minorities. I’m not against overt unracism if one feels inclined to do so, but one should not be expected to be an overt unracist. People often go out of their way to be extra nice because of white guilt. But guess what? I’m not white so people should not expect me to be extra nice. I’m still going to be nice, but I’m not going to be extra nice to you because of race.

Being completely unracist and pretending like race doesn’t exist is stupid too. But because a lot of people are stupid and would get mad at anything that sounds remotely racist, it actually becomes smart to be completely unracist if you don’t want to infuriate (stupid) people. I don’t have a job, career, or livelihood to lose so I don’t worry about being completely unracist. If we have to pretend that race doesn’t exist, why don’t we also pretend like our genitals don’t exist. While we’re at it, let’s get rid of the brain as well.

A vast majority of people are overly obsessed with political correctness. A vast majority of people are stupid. There are a lot of people who fear the word “nigger” as if saying the word would threaten their lives. Let me tell you a story of how I used the word “nigger” and a black guy threatened to beat me up. Classy.

On episode 14 of my podcast, I told a story of a “nigger purse”. I was chatting online with a black friend and as a goof, I wanted to work the word “nigger” into the conversation and make it look like an accident. I analyzed the keyboard and saw that I could pass it off as mistyping the word “bigger”. So I worked my way into pretending to mistype “nigger purse” when I “meant” to type “bigger purse”.

I find that story funny and it’s only funny because “nigger” is such a charged word. Some people may find it offensive and the only reason for that is because the word “nigger” popped up. George Carlin said it best when he said that context is what matters. If I called my friend a nigger, that would’ve been a whole different story but that didn’t happen. “Nigger purse” is as innocent as the word can be used because it’s fictitious and sounds ridiculous. Should the word “nigger” absolutely be never used? Absolutes are stupid. Murder is bad, but should we absolutely never murder? If there’s a Hitler performing genocide right now, should we let him live and continue the genocide because murder is absolutely bad? Unironically (or ironically?), some religious fanatics would stick to the absolute.

My black friend heard the podcast and was deeply offended, solely because the word “nigger” popped up. I do feel bad and apologized for the goofing because he was the brunt of the joke. I only feel bad because nigger is such a bad word. It shouldn’t be a bad word, but it is. Even so, I do not believe it’s something to be hysterical over. So where does this leave things? Am I a racist? Maybe, but I’m not malicious. I have been perfectly nice to this black friend and did several extended favors for him with no intention of asking for anything in return. If he can’t accept that I don’t fear the word “nigger”, then begone with him.

If he does beat me up, I wonder how the judicial system would look at this case. I wonder if a black judge would make a difference.