Reading Challenge

I just received a long ass message from someone who played my game and I don’t understand how someone can write something so long and confusing. I get what he says, but every sentence is severely grammatically incorrect and hurts my head to read it. As much as I appreciate players giving me feedback, my head is hurting now. If you think you can tough it out, try reading it. I gotta say though, I highly don’t recommend you read it.

hi ted – i send you one messages

well i have to say your game is great allthought i did not play all of it ( it mining too much but the complexity of the game system is great )

well strangely but i pick up your game from arcadeprehack — yes sorry about that if you don’t like someone who play your game being hack by some stranger and there website is full of nasty adult and teen who do nothing but let say making themself like boss over your advice for good .

but i play it — since i getting a bit interested in the game since about 1 month ago — yeah it took that long , since i am not a type of person who wait for game i just doing something around abit , that is good for me in the real world , but anyway i caught the game , once on new ground , so i started to look for it — and most of the time i pick prehack because — it save you the long time to play the game plus , you can test the game right there and see if anything goes wrong without the horrendoues dying and waiting for each failer , you could just walk right in .

so i wanted to comment on your game ( is it your game exactly? — you really do developed it in nearly 2 year straight? everyday , wow , because the game doesn’t have that much area around , so it must be the menu and the stock market system and level up then )

and too talk about the prehack community .

well let talk about the bad people first — well before we talk , i wanted you to know and understand that , you done nothing wrong and you are not a troll in those comment , in fact you are the one who try to talk and sharing about your game view one of which you created , so it turn out all the bad thing is came from them .

so what happen here is the community of prehack is not one and only but everywhere — what they do inreality is call — isolation tactic , they dish you out in huge number , of let say a loyalty group of people in side a supposedly forum or a community website . These people are extremely selfish , hater , bully , and mostly coward , they band in group and gang to attack on other — the bigger older of the group( most likely old player ) is the one who do the most mocking with let say (unlogical explanation , they call you anything to suit there need to dish you , like trolling you are messing the forum , anything that would make you become a target for the other group of there gang to come in ) these gang inreality is just either the same time playing game as the old player or the new but slowly let say (degenerated view in game playing , like cursing and depressing and usaully wanted to harm other people ) infact more likely a herd a hive , so what happen is — when one of them disagree with you supposedly ( someone who have nothing to do with them , and mostly talk about them straight on included questioning there motive )

what would they do is massing around and prove to other that you are the bad guy instead , while the real bad guy is a bunch of people who let say sit at home somewhere doesn’t have a life or a job or let say atleast be friendly or repsecfull included( a fake personality — not real one <—– you can guest this easy by see someone who talk and acting like his or her avatar or profile picture )

they will bully you as best as they can , and to try to confront them is to be control your word and the way you talk — don’t answer back at them by being (invited in like , they make you angry like curse you or lying about you , like you do something bad but infact they one who is talking is the one who did it not you — and make you come in and talk back at them ) don’t throw brick at them , instead try to stay at the fact as most as possible(meaning planning your word <– don’t let them caught your let say failer , because it not them but a whole group will hussing in on it — and mostly the community moderator <— is the worse one , they will banned you and secure the let say — gang status if you break a rule or a law or being blame on – it easy and you can’t defended yourself then ) so try to used logic against them , and knowing that they all are bullies , don’t ever think they are strong , they just bad lier , try to flip there personality and slowly with fact and logic they will basicly silent <—— and this is the best defences you have for some one who call you a trolls ( what i see mostly is =- the way people used to denominated a person by saying they are troll , in modern communities chat and forum is infact <– not the correct word or used anymore , but likely only used to REMOVE certain unacceptable person from there view and there present , so watch out , they can everywhere — and the real trolls is them , or you could say they are provoker or a lier , or a bullies , it never changes , they just changed name and used the degeneration of a forum or a community to attack you <—which is all game website become more badly over time because they are housing bullies , and hidden stalker — they really love to harm you , even with there own word ) so watch out then and stay strong , and knowing that you are the one who they are victimized you are not wrong in anything .

you might see what i say here is insignificant but i hope slowly when you travel out and talk into many forum you will see – not everyone do a extensive explanation about these form of gang bullies and criminal behavior on innocent and gullibile people on the internet , be it young , or old , new or old person on the internet — and i have to say , i hate see people like you being bullies by them <— they make you live in grudge because you know they are wrong but you couldn’t defended yourself .

well , atleast you are hearing from some one who understand your situation .

well it pretty long but i think i try talk about tek tactical.

so what was this game actually about? what was the story? i got in the middle of it having weapon and level and it got really bored — is there a ending ?

200 word left , well next messages then

ted second messages sent to you

so it about the game —- can you give me a detail how did you let say programmed it in nearly 2 year ? no summary no need to the detail because i am just curious about it .

and what i found is this .

your game is alot let say , complex in coding but bad graphic and bad game play mechanic — which if you can see what happen mostly is — while it have very complex menu , infact i am confused alot because suddenly it have a stock market in a game flash game <– that mean it huge because of the complexity of it to actually be a small minimal simulation of what stock market be , and then the customization and the leveling up and alot of stuff to buy and sell and the interaction inventory Great job ted .

but what the error i see in the game is this , , here goes :

– first of all the game is having a very wier graphic , some soft of slow , smush and let say — very small window to do anything at all but only look to left and right , walk about 30 foot each left and right and that is all the game about .

and it not even detailed graphic — but it kind of like , you added a complex code system to the game and then you skin on it a small let say graphic system on the main character which we play on .

-the character and the enemies moving rather oddly — slow — and some how not even follow up into what the mouse would be or the control button — it as if the walking mechanic and the moving mechanic of all character is in some soft of SLOW motion , but it infact what the game mechanic is hahahaah ( if you can just check the new game , earth taken 2 <— the game graphic move with the character with the arrow button correctly , while in your game it move kinda odd way , it like 1,2x slower than orriginal control button speed )

– the game is , don’t have any story at all ( when i thought TEK tactical is quite a name for you to make and set up room , level , storyline and battle and real one — it a mix up of let say unborn baby , the game have extensive system , but only play as some soft of competitive arena style game , and idon’t think you can play it multiplayer at all — since the map and the screen scale is so so small )

– the game arena is extremely generic with nearly none changes — let see each level i can only see between either the enemies getting more numerous or strongger and the limit of there number on each screen( not even 20 or 30 in one screen and yes more would make the game not working ) 2 box of break able with cargo or equipment ammo inside , back ground which infact — could be replaced with a white or a black screen , because the whole background were used mainly to simulated the feeling of combat inside some soft of secret facility but , it just a skin while what only matter of the game play is shooting the same 3 type of enemies always with not much changes than leveling up , cusomized gun , buy and sell ammo ( oh and note you should make a stash not make the character overweight like that — there is a bug in the game , even when i play on prehack is i need to dumb and i mean sell all my inside inventory in order to removed the overweight effect —- say i have 100 space or room for equipment , what supposedly do when i overwieght is i need to remove a certain thing to get atleast 50 room free , but when i did that the game still — overweight — i can’t even buy one bullet , hahaha but i have to sell some soft of equipment i need and then press max <– because it not exactly player friendly menu<–where the picture of a word like buy or sell is too big — while the real number and importance figure is too small , and next to it is it very hard to decided how much i wanted to buy at all , when the — weight menu i see is not so accuratedly advice me to even count each weight at all ) so i buy it and it still have that bug , and thought out the game i used the toggle ammo for the heavy launcher which i play after 3 to 5 round ( to see all the weapon and upgrade for your weapon — the game graphic is pretty good , but as i say , the real stuff is too small while the front is too big )i play it till getting bored , because — basicly all you need is big weapon with all ammo and you won the game .

and next to it is — YOU HAVE SO MANY MENU button , yet there real used is nearly pointless — look the stock market is almost un used because — i don’t understand why it was there ( althought i do understand that you wanted to make the game some how , like a stock market so you buy here and there stuff and have lucky crashing market to earn money ) but the game doesn’t have REALgameplay content enought to hold you at all to it .

next is the shopping — too small arhhh the interacting is too small , i can only see square of figure in it , and why bother even added level up when most stuff you buy nearly the same thing ( you know more better more damages etc.. not much .

i thought that i can buy specific thing like added 2 cannon on one pistol , or 3 or 4 — and it not like 4x but each gun have different used —- the pistol should have been able to have something like penetration upgrade(rather than flash game one shot kill 2 because they stay in the same tile ) having … well you know that kind of specific stuff , included atleast — a new room <– yeah that sound more likeable , buy new room and new enemies , so it encourages you play more , even storyline .

and one impression i have is it seem you base your menu in some soft of old anime or nintnedo kind of game isn’t it . or old play station , like armored core — lot of menu — yeah those game also have — not much game play at all but only point ugprade .

well i think since you the one who developed it , you also see alot of this aswell , and infact you might know more about the game flaw in playing than me , so i guest if you take consideration , the game become bored really really fast .

so i think i wanted to support some idea then , hopefully you added it in the future .

ted messages 3 i send you

what i wanted to give you support idea about is

let say — if you look at the game , first of all make all game function fit with complexity of the menu , meaning the game must be balanced in everyway , you already have a good set up menu so now try this .

make the menu smaller — and neat ( the game graphic make me felt vormit and blurry some how — it not look neat like earth taken 2 — so make it neat , no need to base on other game , just make it squareist abit and smaller let say each menu now shrink to size able — like on the front of what i am writting to you now — make it in black and white , clear visual for player to see ) save the menu size for IMPORTANCE thing like actually show the comparision between each weapon and how it actually work ( example the endurances strength need some pop hint — i have no idea what it increased if i am a new player , but since i play sometime i know that it generic like increased strength speed and damages like other game , you should atleast added some more hint about each function of each level up would be rather than just give it there like that .

give the game a storyline ( make it 50 level or 15 level base on you choosing ) give us about 20 room , and interactive adventure — meaning it not just a room but you can move too A to B but also A to C and D and having some option in the story so it actually a interactive game )

give the game depth of level — meaning it does not look like arena anymore , but having like up and down places ( like when you play game of contra or some other game you have a level , like level 1 and 2 up and down setting where you can go up and down right in combat — and since the game i see mostly only to left or right base on even if it near 3 d , i think you should make a game goes to left till right story and adventure and game play type of game — oh this might a example

or killer robot factory 2 — if you can , and i think i like it more since you have a small neat detail character going out and killing 100 or dozen of enemies , it more awesome than some guy in the same room that you shoot many time.

the screen should either shrink into — 2 d left to right complex playthought , with multiple hard core menu for weapon selection ammo type ( yes so you might give one weapon many type of ammo instead of one — this make the shopping more exited )

or top down game play to cover more game play active way , or a mix of both with camera movement choosing button , like when you see the game call –the last stand deadzone <– althought that is abit way off from your ability.

or do a simple thing — first pull the entire screen let say 3 x far away from already existing screen — i mean the combat screen , and shown the character is at small as this ///////////////////






yeah so it kind of like that , now the character become smaller like that meaning the whole screen you have can be increased very good — which mean you can added atleast 30 to 40 enemies in the game play so player can shoot them , and cover ( yeah actual cover using )( oh and i mean the size above when you in fullscreen , so it started to mimic nearly about -5x less size of killer robot factory 2 character which is quite small hahah , but you are atleast 5 time bigger than that )

now what happen is that you can have complex menu while maintainted great game play at your disposal ( iam neither a game programmer or developer so , i can only suggested near in game graphic that most other game have )

now to the main course , the enemies is way off bored or outdated — you should atleast have 10 type or 15 type of enemies base on light , medium , heavy , and devastating , and boss type of enemies .

with all light unit is low health , appear the most harrashed you the most with light weapon even light rifle and light grendae , ( so it included the red guy in your game to merge with the blue one , while the yellow is the medium — and yeah the heavhy devastating and boss is seem far off too much)

you should play the game more stratetgicly , meaning set the game up with — demanded of player to used cover ( and yes also fix the 1,5x speed less than original mouse or button movement — so you don’t dies ) next is fast intereactive game –you know like when you play game like earth taken or sift head animation , the way each shot landed even bounch off and also — real effect on player character .

NExt is some soft of resident evil mimick theme of inventory — MAKE US THINK TO PLAY , yeah it not just shooting anymore , but must included like break in , set up plan , hacking , even used vehicle , and added some soft of friend as well or comrade , say 5 of them travelling with you . so the game become nearly a squad game , but right now i think 1 or 2 is enough because mostly the real guy in action is the main character ( so you should added order button and programming )

with real level up , that give you advantages over your enemies .

let say at first of the game — you are stealth combat unit , meaning you are 1/2 weaker than a normal blue shirt infanty , light infantry and then later on more level up <— but not just point but ingame mechanic you become more accurate , and more powerfull to take on bigger enemies even masses of them , while survived , with used of multiple weapon.

so even weapon must become unique now , where you don’t carried too much ammo , but pick gun from enemies to fight .

well maybe this the last one

anyway , you will have small and let say stealth weapon in the beginning until you move up to higher weapon — but due to unique of each weapon you will need ot changed it in each situation depended .

but it sound to far off for dreaming to made a game like this , in my opinion because you say 2 year to developed a game like that — programming alone , i am not sure if you can changed it once fast into a good top down many room to play game in no time but take many month .

so it your choice , it just my idea .

so now can i know what game you currently working on and what you have in mind in future? any tek tactical 2 <– where it actually tactical ?

any improvement?

well that is about it

SFT Podcast Episode 34 – First Few Pages Of Grey

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SFT Podcast Episode 3 – Reading, Porn, Borderlands


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SFT Podcast Episode 2 – Reading Jokes, Gay


If the above link doesn’t work, you should always check here ( for the updated links to download the podcast. I will also provide the link to download all the episodes there and it might even have newer and better links.


If you mention Ted (my name) and this podcast, you’ll get 10% off any service they provide from branding to logo design to website design to social media to mobile apps. Basically anything that’s online (which is everything), they can help you with it. The special deal right now is that they can host your personal website for $80 a year!