Stupid Superstitions

All superstitions are stupid. Even if it happened to be correct, there is a thing called coincidence. Recently, with all the funeral planning, superstitions come up a lot. Dumb people are annoying. The smarter they think they are, the more annoying they are. Most people are dumb. So generally, the smarter anyone thinks they are, the more annoying they are. I’m probably the most annoying asshole out there in this context.

When someone is being superstitious, that person is clearly being superstitious. But when someone is strongly against superstitions, they are also being superstitious. Just because you don’t agree with certain superstitions doesn’t mean you’re not superstitious. If you really aren’t superstitious, you wouldn’t need to be so strongly against it, apathy will triumph.

There are probably religious people out there who thinks they’re not superstitious. To refrain from being more of an asshole than I already am, I will say nothing more.