Bad Joke?

I want to preface this by warning you that this is basically an incomplete joke. I like the idea of the joke but I don’t think I wrote it properly for it to be funny. This is the second time in a row that I’m prefacing my blog. I hope I don’t get used to prefacing my writing to excuse myself from writing it well enough to be self-explanatory.

I’m terrible with girls and it’s mostly because I’m too passive so I never say or do anything. I exercise too much restraint when interacting with them to the point where I might as well be a rock. That’s one of the main reasons I’ll never get a girlfriend. Some girls might say that I would be more fun if I just loosen up and do what I want instead of overthinking things. Well, they’re wrong. If I just follow my basic desires, someone would get raped. And by “someone”, I mean me, because I would be in prison for having committed a crime, because it’s a crime to rape some poor girl. And by poor, I mean unfortunate. I don’t think I would exclusively rape a girl for having no money.

I had a preface so I might as well include some closing words. The main joke I wanted to test out is to make the reader think the person is suggesting that he raped someone… or maybe he didn’t… oh wait, he did… I wanted to deliver these two twists within the span of one sentence. I don’t think it worked and I don’t think I explained it very well either.