Sales: The Way My Morals Can Bend

I’ve done a number of sales jobs now and they’re simply not right for me. I’m a good presenter and public speaker. I am able to present and demonstrate products very well. But when it comes down to closing a sale, I don’t like making people take money out of their pockets. Maybe I’m projecting my cheapness onto other people and I’m being cheap for them. I do make sales, but my numbers are low and every time someone buys something from me, they really want it. There has to be a good way to make use of my skills but my current sales job is not the way.


I’m currently selling whole home water conditioning systems. The company sends out scratch card flyers and everyone wins a prize. All they have to do is sit through a presentation and they get their prize. It costs the company around $100 every appointment I go to. For that reason, they really need good sales numbers so they don’t lose money.


Here’s the thing about sales jobs: I’ve done a number of them and they all have certain similar traits about them. Sales jobs requires no formal education or certificates. They hire lots of people and lots of people quit because it’s a shitty job. Sales probably has the highest turnover rate of any job. Because of the shitty nature of the work, companies have to trick young naive people into the job. They set up an interview process that makes you feel like you had to work for the position and try to make you feel special for getting through to the next stages. They don’t tell you any of the bad things about the job and they constantly exaggerate how much you can potentially be earning. After a week of training and them thoroughly hiding the shitty aspects of the job, by the time you go out and actually see how bad it is, you’ve invested a lot of your time already so you might as well give it a shot and do it for a little bit. Some people become seriously strapped for cash because they haven’t been paid for weeks during the interview and training process so they really need to do well if they don’t want to be homeless.


It’s a manipulative game and I don’t like it. Manipulating customers is bad enough, but they manipulate their own sales reps too. It’s like they’re forcing me to lose respect for them. Common things they tell you is that you need to have positive energy, want to have fun, and be coachable. Tack that on top of an exaggerated salary and young potential-less people will fall for it left and right, myself included. Let me do a little translation here:


Positive energy means that you need to be able to stand rude ass people slamming doors in your face and smile about it. You cannot let that put you down and you must carry on and be happy no matter how many times that happens.


Liking to have fun means that you can pretend like you’re having fun while people are slamming doors in your face.


Coachable means that you will do what they tell you to do. They will tell you to lie and they expect you to obey. They will tell you to be persistent and try to guilt people into spending their money, and they expect you to obey.


For some reason, I have extreme difficulty manipulating people to spend money. I don’t know if I suck at it or not, but I’m not willing to try. I don’t know why I’m so dead set against it. It’s not like I’m an angel or anything. I’m definitely willing to do bad things for the right price. I would seriously consider assassinating someone for several hundred thousand dollars. I know I would have a hard time living with the guilt, but that’s what the money’s for. I wouldn’t advertise myself as a prostitute, but if someone made the right offer under safe conditions, I’d do it, probably for a lot cheaper than you’d think. My morals are very bendable. But for some reason, I cannot stand telling lies and somewhat tricking people for hundreds of dollars. It’s not even a scam or anything. It’s a legitimate product but they just need me to trick people to buy right away and I can’t bring myself to do it.

SFT Podcast Episode 22 – Sales and Borderlands

Like most episodes, I talk about what I did in Borderlands 2 the previous day. Looking for people to play with so if you’re reading this and you like Borderlands, let’s play together! If you’re not familiar with the game, then consider joining me because I really want to find someone to play with lol. I’ll try my best to chat and make it a whole lotta fun. As far as the podcast episode goes, I talked about my history with sales jobs.


SFT Podcast Episode 22 – Sales and Borderlands


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