I’m Nice But Also Pretty Weird

I just came back from shoveling the snow. I don’t mind shoveling the snow because I just treat it as exercise. If I didn’t shovel the snow, I would just do push-ups to expend the same amount of energy, so why not do something productive with it. Actually, I wouldn’t do push-ups – I would just get fat – so shoveling the snow is really good for me.

When I finished, I still had plenty of extra energy left. I see the neighbour coming home and shoveling his driveway. He hadn’t shoveled it all night so he had a lot of snow. Because I’m living at my aunt’s, I don’t know the neighbours at all. I wanted to help him out, but I didn’t want to talk to him. I normally dislike talking to people already but I also had headphones on so it was extra reason for me to not talk to him. If I just started trespassing on his property and started shoveling, it would have been super weird, especially if I ignore him when he tries to talk to me. So, as much as I’d like to help out, I didn’t, and it was entirely because I didn’t want to talk to the guy, not even if he just said thanks. Yes, I’m weird.