1 Broke Guy Likes 2 Broke Girls

I just started watching 2 Broke Girls and I’m loving it. I think watching this right after watching 4 seasons of Mike and Molly made this even better. A good looking cast isn’t the most important thing, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. I think Mike and Molly has the… “most average” looking cast ever. Even The Office has a group of pretty people in the mix. In Mike and Molly, even the “pretty pothead sister” isn’t very pretty. She looks alright, but not exactly the irresistible eye candy that her character is supposed to be. I think the best looking character on Mike and Molly might be Carl, Mike’s black cop partner. As a very mildly homophobic and racist person, that’s saying something.


I don’t think the girls in 2 Broke Girls would normally be super hot in my eyes but right now I find them very attractive, especially Max Black, played by Kat Dennings. That’s pretty much all I had to say. I don’t really have a point it. I guess I just wanted to declare my love for the show even though it means absolutely nothing to anyone.


I’m starting to feel a little drunk now and enjoying it. I feel like I want to drink a little more to maintain the drunkness but last time I did that I got super wasted and threw up 5 times. There’s no perfect point of drunkness for me. I get to the point I’m at now where I enjoy little things more and I feel like just a little more and it would feel really good but there is no middle ground between this and being deathly drunk. On new years, I didn’t get as “happy” as my current state and I still wound up throwing up once. I probably could’ve kept it down but it was better to hurl it out. I’ve been watching a lot of Mike and Molly all week. It’s mostly mediocre with some good parts but I watch it mostly as a means of procrastination. I usually watch it with a blank stare on my face but after getting drunk several minutes ago, I starting making stupidly big smiles as I’m watching it. Being drunk is fun.

After rereading what I just wrote, I realize that I might have to throw up later tonight. Hopefully not. We’ll see.