Random Little Things

There were actually quite a number of random little things yesterday I should’ve included but I had forgotten about them. They are really random and really little.

On my walk home from the library yesterday, it had been snowing a lot for hours and snow was gathering up. When I was about to turn into the street where I live, I see a car sliding all over the place and having a hard time gripping the road. When I walked past the car, the driver yelled out the window, “You’re making better time than me!” He said it in a really hill-billy kind of way. That’s all.

You know the stereotype where Asian tourists take pictures of everything? Well I saw some next level stuff yesterday. I have a new next door neighbour and I haven’t talked to the guy yet, but yesterday, from inside my house, I saw him stick a 2L bottle of Nestea in the snow on his driveway and taking pictures of it. It’s like he’s in his own little world. A lot of neighbours were out shovelling the snow but he just did his own thing without caring about anyone else. If I were him, I would’ve done that silly stuff in the backyard or not do such stupid shit at all. I almost envy the way he can ignore the rest of the world like that.

This last one is kind of odd. Well, everything I say and write is kind of odd. The night before last, I went to bed and start dreaming right away. I literally only lied down for less than a minute and I was already dreaming. It was almost as if I was dreaming while still awake, or I just fell asleep super fast. In the dream, I was riding a bike down the street and all of a sudden I fell over. This is was not uncommon based on my last couple weeks of biking and walking to the library in the snow. With snow and ice, sometimes the ground is completely uneven and you can see it through the thick soft snow. As I fell off the bike in the dream, I woke up and my entire body shook as if I just landed from the fall. It was a pretty weird experience. I don’t know what else to say about it. It was just weird.

I’m Nice But Also Pretty Weird

I just came back from shoveling the snow. I don’t mind shoveling the snow because I just treat it as exercise. If I didn’t shovel the snow, I would just do push-ups to expend the same amount of energy, so why not do something productive with it. Actually, I wouldn’t do push-ups – I would just get fat – so shoveling the snow is really good for me.

When I finished, I still had plenty of extra energy left. I see the neighbour coming home and shoveling his driveway. He hadn’t shoveled it all night so he had a lot of snow. Because I’m living at my aunt’s, I don’t know the neighbours at all. I wanted to help him out, but I didn’t want to talk to him. I normally dislike talking to people already but I also had headphones on so it was extra reason for me to not talk to him. If I just started trespassing on his property and started shoveling, it would have been super weird, especially if I ignore him when he tries to talk to me. So, as much as I’d like to help out, I didn’t, and it was entirely because I didn’t want to talk to the guy, not even if he just said thanks. Yes, I’m weird.