Someone went through my blog and read tens of entries a couple days ago. I wonder who it was and what he/she thought. Whether it was silly, stupid, or interesting, something seemed to hold their attention. I wish people leave comments more often. The people I want to hear from most are usually people wise enough not to comment just for the sake of commenting. I’m not shitting on any of my existing commenters though. Surprisingly, I get pretty much all quality comments but I see the internet and other blogs constantly filled with pointless comments.


I just want someone to speak up, anyone. I give credit to all who’ve spoken out to me but I’ve tired them out, understandably so. Might as well speak to me while I’m still around. Not that I’m necessarily dying anytime soon, but I would easily abandon blogging if I don’t see enough activity.


Speaking of someone, someone apparently was somewhat interested in me today, at least briefly. It was an older lady at a bar, probably in her 30s. I went to a bar with some friends, female friends who I don’t normally talk to. We’re like drinking buddies except I rarely drink. Apparently they saw that lady sitting next to me looking me up and down. I was too depressed and unmotivated to do anything. There was also loud music which makes conversation impossible so attempting would’ve simply been futile. I don’t get how people can bother trying to talk in these places. I just sat silently. She said something to me but I couldn’t hear her so I just smiled. A little while later, some dude just comes and starts making out with her. I assumed he was her boyfriend. Further evidence suggests that they were actually probably strangers. I can’t compete with that kind of behavior though. I refuse to. The girl wasn’t very attractive but she could’ve had me if she made a move. I would take anyone at this point. Not a very attractive thing for me to say, but it’s true. But she got that guy anyway so I wasn’t needed… once again… Good for her though.