New Topic (Games SpoilTED)

Am I serious? Another asian man with glasses is going to talk about video games? Yes, I’m serious. This is happening. I haven’t written in a few days and felt a little urge to write again… just a tiny bit of urge. If I really wanted to, I’d just do it because I don’t have much off the top of my head to write about, I only get 1 or 2 new reader each time I write, and it’s more work than fun. I have lots of better ways to waste my time. That’s all I’ve literally been doing these days: waste time. It’s hard to get the motivation to do anything more than that. Anyway, this entry is to explain a new set of topics on video games that I’ll be writing.

I know that most of my readers are (previously) depressed and suicidal people and couldn’t give less of a shit about video games. (Giving less of a shit… would that be a fart? I digress… ) My hope is to poke fun at video games and write about them in ways that’ll be funny and interesting to non-gamers too. Chances are, I will fail; most games aren’t that funny or interesting to write about. But what do I have to lose? My 22 followers? Boohoo. Woe is me.

Ever since I started working at the library, I have discovered that the library actually has a lot of very new and recent games to borrow. Surprised, right? I know I was. I was surprised and pissed that I spent so much money buying games as recent as last weekend, after I already started working at the library and should’ve known better. When the depression gets bad, it’s hard to make the effort to play games and some stupid games demand more effort than they’re worth. For now, it seems I am able to force myself to play all these games. Even for free, I hardly feel like playing games because I’ve gotten so goddamn lazy but I literally have nothing better to do.

I plan to only talk about each game briefly, to make it more readable for non-gamers. The idea is that I’ll basically spoil the ending and sum up the game in a sentence or two to make it look stupid. For non-gamers, spoilers won’t be a problem and for gamers, the spoilers should also not be a problem. I actually don’t get why people care about spoilers. I personally don’t mind spoilers because it’s the journey that matters, not the ending. Look at life: Spoiler Alert: Everyone dies. It’s always the same ending but that does not reduce the value or uniqueness of each individual life. But anyway, if you are afraid of spoilers, it’s in the title so that’s warning enough. If that’s too subtle for you, then you’re too much of a dumbass for me to cater to and I hope I spoil everything for you. Lastly, the title is just a stupid way for me to literally shove my name into a word. There’s nothing clever about it. It’s just a manifestation of my narcissism.