Signs of Getting Old

As a young man, it’s hard to imagine myself getting old and losing energy. I find that I get depressed and lose motivation, but that’s not exactly the same as getting old. I still have the energy; I just can’t find a reason to use it. I don’t complain about things being a lot of work; I just complain about the annoying fucker giving me the work. For the most part, I’m still much closer to a young man than an old man with no signs of metamorphosis. I did find one thing that makes me an old man and that’s…

Candy. As I child, I remember thinking that it’s absurd how adults don’t love candy as much as kids. I still love sweets in theory, but it might be linked to my overall disinterest in life that makes me not care for candy. For many years now, I’ve found that things that look like they might be tasty turns out to taste pretty bland. I don’t even enjoy expensive foods very much. Sure, they taste good I guess, but it doesn’t really make me feel any better about life and living so it feels kinda pointless. Maybe this just has to do with me getting depressed and nothing with getting old, but feeling shitty about things certainly doesn’t feel youthful.