Exploring The Last Of Us

Playing on the ps4, I’m dicking around a lot more and trying to explore every corner of the game. It’s now become more of a photography game than a whatever genre game it’s supposed to be. I’m gonna be uploading a lot of pics on twitter with comments. If you want, you can follow me @tedgaming_ted through my random adventures. If anyone wants to watch, I’ll live stream it too. I kind of want a 1 person commitment before I start doing that because I’m too bandwidth conscious and I would be constantly debating whether I should live stream to no one or download more porn with that bandwidth.

My Favorite Tweets Part 2

More tweets by me, @tedgaming_ted:


People should know that they can say things so #stupid that it automatically forfeits the value of their #opinion.


Last night I was thinking that I should start #blogging daily, for consistency or whatnot. Then I thought: “Nah, I’m too #lazy for that.”


…super #anal #clean… … …I don’t think anyone’s #anus is that clean.


Just noticed that my last tweet was on my #birthday and it was about #porn


Somehow, #Godzilla can be in the middle of the ocean and still only be waist-deep in water.


I never #drive when I’m #drunk. Not that I #remember anyway.


I took a #shit, finished, stood up, #sneezed, and found a drop of #pee on the floor. Glad it was pee and not the other thing. #sneeze #poo


I’m half ambidextrous.


My Favorite Tweets Part 1

Being the narcissist that I am, these are all my own tweets. I’m reposting my tweets because I have a negligible amount of twitter followers and I want more people to read my shit, even if it’s mediocre shit.



I wiki’d – “..the condition of having at least three loose or liquid bowel movements each day..” I thought I only need 1

When my is about to get interrupted, it’s hard to decide whether I should stop or finish.

It’s okay for to describe themselves as “good at playing with kids.” It’s less okay for to say it.

The most I got this month was walking to the store to buy chips. The more I bought, the more of a workout I would get carrying it.

I hate using the word “whom”. It always sound so : “Look at me, I know how to use it properly.”

I’m either a high functioning or a low functioning non autistic.

When drops in the , for a moment, I freeze and wonder if I should reach in for it. Then I realize, , of course I should!

aside, I have so much in common with

Don’t be a about pussies.

When I’m , I get a big on my face and that makes me .





Well, I started a twitter account… It seems like something I should be doing for my “career” but I don’t look forward to it at all. I’m like an old guy in a young guy’s body. Well, my age is starting to get up there so I’ll just be an old guy before long. Anyway, follow me if you want @tedgaming_ted

Someone took tedgaming….

I’m still not used to self promotion. It feels so whorish. I think I would actually feel less shame prostituting myself than the shame I feel from self promoting online.


I’m releasing a game soon, here’s some videos and pics:



random pic



another random pic



gameplay video