Games SpoilTED Part III

A Word From Ted

What?! Looking at the headings, this looks just like part II and the roman numero looks damn similar too. I’m writing more about Ni No Kuni and Dragon Ball Z because I realized that last time I actually didn’t spoil anything about those games at all. For the sake to sticking with the title, I will go on and write some spoilers for those games too, not that there’s much to spoil. I wrote my last entry a couple days ago and since then, I have now finished Dragon Ball and Atelier Ayesha. An average game lasts about 10 hours so it seems I can play through an average of a game a day which is ridiculously retarded. You know what I say: A video game a day, keeps the pussies away.

Ni No Kuni

Throughout the whole game, the main character is special because he can do magic. Magic… the lazy explanation for everything. All the bad guys are originally good guys turned evil due to tragic reasons. Boohoo. “I used to be good but something shitty happened and now I will destroy the world.”

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi

Goku beats up all the bad guys. That’s the whole story, saga after saga. While playing story mode, I hated the battle system and thought that it would be more interesting if I at least gained experience and level up from the battles. Then I played hero mode and that’s exactly what the game gave me but somehow that game was even shittier.

Atelier Ayesha

Super gorgeous anime girls talk suggestively about lesbian tendencies and stripping a male character to put ointment on him. I was blown away with how great the game looked and I just loved looking at all the girls. Yes, I’m an anime pervert. They should make an H game with these great graphics. If you don’t know what an H game is, good for you. You’re better off not knowing.

I didn’t keep track of how long I played but I think I played for 30 hours and loved it. But then the game decided to kick me in the balls. The object of the game is to research alchemy and save your sister who will disappear in 3 years. The counter on the year was odd because it didn’t change to year 2 on January 1 so I assumed that the year was based on story points. Then all of a sudden, the game told me I ran out of time and sent me to the bad ending and now I have to start over. Fuck that shit. Why the fuck do game developers make games with a grand timer that limits your exploration of the game? Especially for a fuckin’ game where you collect tons of items to perform alchemy. I wanted to love the game, and I did, until it fucked me over. I started playing from the beginning again with my equipment carried over but it simply wasn’t worth it. I loved the music, loved the graphics, loved the characters, and loved the dialogue, but I can’t be bothered to replay the game again. Maybe someday… Fuckin’ beautiful piece of shit game…