My Favorite Tweets Part 1

Being the narcissist that I am, these are all my own tweets. I’m reposting my tweets because I have a negligible amount of twitter followers and I want more people to read my shit, even if it’s mediocre shit.



I wiki’d – “..the condition of having at least three loose or liquid bowel movements each day..” I thought I only need 1

When my is about to get interrupted, it’s hard to decide whether I should stop or finish.

It’s okay for to describe themselves as “good at playing with kids.” It’s less okay for to say it.

The most I got this month was walking to the store to buy chips. The more I bought, the more of a workout I would get carrying it.

I hate using the word “whom”. It always sound so : “Look at me, I know how to use it properly.”

I’m either a high functioning or a low functioning non autistic.

When drops in the , for a moment, I freeze and wonder if I should reach in for it. Then I realize, , of course I should!

aside, I have so much in common with

Don’t be a about pussies.

When I’m , I get a big on my face and that makes me .




Feeling Unwanted

Not sure if it’s possible to talk about this without sounding super depressed. Sure, I’m depressed, but it’s not like it’s more severe than any other day. I think not being needed must be one of the most demoralizing feelings. If you’re always needed, then not being needed for a while would be a good relaxing break. But when you’re like me and no one ever needs you, ever, then life starts to lose its meaning. Being unwanted is similar. In the context of this blog, unwanted is similar to being unneeded in the sense that not wanting me around doesn’t necessarily mean my presence is bad, but just that I don’t add anything to be desired.

As much as I feel bad for myself, I can see that I’ve never done anything for others to want or need me. That’s not to say I’m never done anything nice, because I do nice things for people all the time. But they’re self-sufficient and don’t need my help and I get the feeling that they’d much rather do things themselves than inconveniencing someone else. Maybe I need more people in my life that’s just as much of a needy little bitch as I am.