Sad. Funny. Truthful. Podcast Episode 51 – Comfort And Evolution With Jason

I talk to Jason about comfort and evolution. We talked a lot of evolution. I also clumsily explained my knowledge of the known universe and the big bang theory.



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We Are Alone In The Universe

The universe and space is very vast. “Vast” is horribly understating it because a donut shop with 150 different donuts is considered a vast selection and you can’t even begin to compare that to the universe. Astro science has provided us with insane statistics that the human mind can barely fathom. It’s impossible to imagine what a billion light years is. These are just things we know for sure, there are probably a lot of things that we don’t know.

Some scientists say there are more suns than there are grains of sand on a beach. With so many solar systems out there and so much potential for alien life, you would have to be stupid to think that humans are the only intelligent life form. If that’s the case, then I’m stupid. I’m not saying that I have the right answer, but as likely as it is that there are aliens out there, I can’t deny the possibility that humans might actually be the only intelligent ones.

There are people who completely believe that we have been visited by aliens. No matter how matter stories there are, at the end of the day, for one reason or another, it’s not a regular occurrence that can be repeated and proven. If intelligent aliens do exist, I see two possibilities. Either we’re so insignificant to them that we’re not even worth their time to interact with us, or they have not gained the ability to travel to us yet. It might also be physically impossible to travel the types of distances that’s required to make contact. Whichever the case is, in the practical sense, we are alone in the universe.

There are parts of the universe that might literally be impossible to reach. Those don’t matter to us. Within the reachable regions, humans may very well be the most intelligent beings. We might not be, but we also might be. Somebody has to the first intelligent ones. Why can’t it be us? It’s possible. Some people would look at how old the universe is and argue that the chance that we’re the smartest beings is very unlikely. True, but that’s also a lot of time for the previous life forms to get obliterated and erased from existence. If humans really are the most intelligent beings, then the universe is a very sad place because most people are dumb as fuck.