Candy Crush Saga; Soul Crushing Saga

It’s not just Candy Crush; all match 3 games are soul crushing. Let me first go on the record and state that I play a lot of match 3 games but that doesn’t make it any less soul crushing. Part of me likes these games but a greater part of me hates myself for liking it. I’ve probably spent hundreds of hours on this game already and yet I see a lot of my facebook friends played the game a lot more than me. That’s a lot of wasted time. It’s not exactly a satisfying game to play but it’s just the perfect level of mindlessness that you can you play while exerting a minimal amount of brain juices. I usually feel miserable when I play these games because it means I’m being lazy and unmotivated. I feel like a loser every time I play it but that’s fine because I’ve already openly admitted to giving up on life.


I see so many people playing candy crush a lot. It’s a very sad sight. Do all these people constantly feel so unmotivated and lazy? Or maybe they actually actively enjoy the game which might be even sadder. I was going to include a pre-emptive apology here but I won’t be doing that because I’m not really sorry. The only thing I would be sorry for is that life sucks and people who’re (whore, lol) offended by this must have a lot of crap in their lives that they haven’t accepted yet.



That’s a weird word. I’ve been pretty depressed and uninspired for a long time now and it’s weird to see people around me suffering similarly. It almost feels as though there’s an epidemic depression going around. But that’s stupid and I know it’s not true. Just coincidence.

If you can spare a moment, please help add more likes and positive comments to the song:  I used this guy’s songs for my previous flash games so I owe him at least this plug.

I just removed a large portion of this post and I’m too lazy to replace it with anything else. I guess the title pretty much sums up the current state of my blog and my life.

Let me try to end on a high note. My friend recently had an unfortunate visit to a whore house and wrote all about it and I’m going to post that story. It’s sad that the only high note I can find in my life is my friend’s misfortune, not that I actively wish it upon them. …The more I try to clarify I’m not actually an asshole, the more I sound like one so I’ll just stop here and let you read the story when I post it.